Selling on Amazon? Try These 11 Amazon Marketing Tools to Grow Your Sales

Amazon marketing is an excellent way to showcase your products to the world, but it gets complicated, especially for beginners. This article brings you some of the best Amazon marketing tools to boost your seller journey.

Starting as an online book-selling platform in 1995 to becoming the world leader in the eCommerce industry, Amazon has undoubtedly come a long way. Amazon sees around 2.5 billion visitors every month, resulting in over 300 billion US dollars in net sales annually.

Amazon actively contributes to a significant chunk of the eCommerce growth around the globe which keeps on increasing every year.

To give you an insight into Amazon’s sheer dominance in the eCommerce market, let’s consider its sales share figures. As mentioned above, Amazon is at the top of the market, but how ahead is it from its competitors? Take a wild guess at the difference in sales percentage of Amazon and its competitors.

What did you guess? Was it 5%, 10%, or 15%? In reality, Amazon was about 34% (US Sales Share 2021) ahead of the second biggest player in the eCommerce biz, Walmart.

Perks of Joining the Amazon Marketplace

No doubt, the attractive sales figures attract thousands of sellers worldwide to join the Amazon marketplace. Moreover, Amazon offers fantastic perks to its sellers to keep them hooked to the platform. Let’s take a close look at some benefits of selling on Amazon:

Fast and Secure Payments

Amazon does all the heavy lifting when it comes to your money. The money generated through your Amazon marketing account gets credited directly to your bank account every 7 days. Here’s the best part; Amazon doesn’t hold your payments for the Pay on Delivery shipments and makes your payments similar to prepaid orders.

Hassle-free Shipping

Shipping your products with Amazon is the smoothest shipping experience in the industry. You get the option to choose Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Easy Ship as your shipping methods, both of which are incredibly convenient for the seller. Moreover, Amazon takes care of picking returns from the buyers and shipping them back to you, if needed.

Support for every service you need

Be it professional photography of your products, managing your account, or any other help related to Amazon marketing, Amazon offers paid support from its third-party alliances. These services massively ease the process of selling your products and help you grow your sales figures faster.

Amazon offers a ton of advertising options to its sellers. You can choose to run targeted ads on the platform and only pay when a customer clicks on it. Advertisements are a great way to gain recognition for your products, which later helps rank your products higher.

Sell Globally

You can opt for Global selling in the Amazon marketplace, which helps you reach a much broader audience. You can generate sales from 200+ countries in which Amazon operates.

The Amazon Seller App

The Seller App from Amazon lets you stay connected with your business all the time. You can see sales insights, tweak account settings, solve issues, and even respond to customer queries through the App.

What are the best Amazon Marketing Strategies?

Amazon Marketplace is a competitive environment, to say the least. Even after putting out a decent product at a competitive price, you might not see sales at all. Here are some ways to ensure you make the most of Amazon Marketplace:

  • Make sure to optimize your products for better search rankings.
  • Use multiple images with higher resolution.
  • Add a comprehensive product description.
  • Try owning the Amazon Buy Box.
  • Switch to Amazon Fulfilment for shipping and delivery.
  • Make sure to follow every Amazon rule for product description, pricing, and more.
  • Reach out to your buyers and ask for product reviews.
  • Be quick in replying to customer queries.
  • Use these Amazon price trackers to keep track of prices offered by competitors.

There is a high chance you have heard the points mentioned above multiple times in your seller journey. That’s true! Almost every professional seller follows these essential points in their amazon marketing drive. So, how can you gain an edge over the existing market giants and make a steady income through the Amazon marketplace?

The best way to further grow your sales on Amazon is to use Amazon marketing tools that massively ease the selling process. They assist you in product research, listing optimization, keyword research, and a lot more. Here are some tools you should definitely try:

Helium 10

Similar to the previous listing, Helium 10 is a comprehensive tool for your Amazon marketplace account but with some super unique features. Remember when I said product research is vital to find high-demand products with low competition?

Helium 10 gives you the widest variety of product research tools, including ones to monitor sales trends, gain quick insights into product reviews, or even calculate a product’s profitability.

Helium’s unique features are not limited to just product research; you get a wide variety of Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, and other miscellaneous tools to run your business smoothly.

The Listing Optimization tool, for instance, helps you organize and process your keywords and makes them listing-ready. Moreover, tracking your search visibility and keyword performance becomes a cakewalk with Helium’s brilliant search optimization features.

Another major problem that can massively affect your business is getting quicker refunds from Amazon. Helium has got you covered with features like Refund Genie, Alerts, and Inventory Protector.

These tools automatically raise requests for seller reimbursements so that you don’t wait for your refunds. On top of that, you also get alerts if your account experiences anything suspicious and limits the number of units per order to protect your inventory.

Marketing your products or running a tailored campaign is also reasonably easy using tools like Atomic and Portals that streamline your campaigns to potential customers depending on your products.


One of the most common problems encountered by Amazon sellers is not knowing their actual profit numbers. Sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics software that presents you with a clear picture of your profitability and assists you in making data-driven business decisions.

The profit dashboard provides you access to all your essential metrics, which can be compared by different time periods to track their dynamics. Additionally, you can drill down into details about specific products and orders in order to analyze performance and decide on pricing and stocking levels.

In addition to the profit dashboard, the bundle includes powerful tools to automate different aspects of your business and keep you focused on growth.

Running out of stock can be a real killer to your sales. So, it can be a game-changer to have a tool that will notify you when it’s time to reorder and will recommend a quantity based on your sales velocity. sellerboard’s inventory management module recommends what, when, and how much to reorder. You can also create purchase orders and track the status of your orders to update stock quantities and access precise COGS calculations easily.

The PPC automation module will allow you to optimize your bid on autopilot and effectively harvest keywords to increase your advertising efficiency.

The other tools in the bundle will also assist you in requesting customer reviews, receiving reimbursement for FBA errors, receiving notifications about important events for your Amazon business, and much more.

Jungle Scout

Did you notice that while all the tools mentioned above had great features, they offered the same platter to every seller? So, how do you find an Amazon marketing tool that has tailored plans for your use case? You can use Jungle Scout’s excellent plans to only pay for tools you actually need.

Jungle Scout lets you choose between existing plans for beginner sellers, existing sellers, and brands or agencies. Not to mention, each plan comes with unique features for that specific use case.

Beginner Plan

The beginner plan focuses on analytics tools that help you find potential keywords and look at their performance over time. AI-driven analytics tools can even predict the future performances of your favorite keywords and help you make better decisions.

You can do the same analysis for products to look for past trends and decide whether or when to sell any product. The Jungle Scout Academy is another excellent feature that educates beginner sellers about the technicalities and best practices for selling on Amazon.

Existing Seller Plan

The advanced plans bring in features like competitor analysis, listing optimization features, keyword trackers, and a lot more.

The Review Automation feature is worth mentioning as it automatically sends requests to buyers for leaving a product review after a successful purchase. Amazon highly values customer reviews for a product and ranks your products way higher if they have good reviews.

Brand Plan

The brand-centric features of Jungle Scout include tools to break down market share and do an extensive competitor analysis. You also get the option to integrate the Jungle Scout API with Amazon for better management of your business.


Flywheel takes its phenomenal AI implementations and integrates the tech with its seller growth tools. The end result is a marvel for any seller who likes getting things automated while ensuring steady growth.

Flywheel 2.0 works conjointly for Amazon and Walmart, making it an ideal choice if you sell your products across these platforms. As Flywheel 2.0 aims at easing things for the sellers and letting the AI do the heavy lifting, it requires minimal effort to set up and get it running. You need to connect your Amazon or Walmart accounts, fill in the necessary details, and your sales targets, and that is pretty much it.

Flywheel 2.0 then looks through your products and analyses your products against hundreds of inbuilt metrics. Later it generates an internal report and optimizes your account to eliminate any growth hindering processes.

The remarkable ad optimization features are yet another dealbreaker while looking for an optimal Amazon marketing tool. The ad-optimization tool optimizes every dollar you spend on adverts and guarantees excellent conversion figures through your campaigns.

Semrush AppCenter

Managing products, SEO, listings, customer satisfaction, and ensuring business growth as a seller gets incredibly hectic. So, is there a way to accelerate your seller journey without diving deep into every complexity? Oh yes! Semrush AppCenter’s collection of e-commerce tools is there to the rescue.

These apps allow you to manage Amazon SEO, Listing Optimization, Product Research, and Growth Hacking and protect your listings. Here’s the best part; each app’s simple UI makes it ideal for the tech novice but don’t get me wrong. Every tool has all the features you need, presented in a simplified UI, making it perfect for an experienced seller or a large business as well.

The Product Research for Amazon app lets you explore low-competition, high-demand products in your particular niche. You can then later use the Keyword Wizard for Amazon tool to find the perfect search terms for your products. Remember, the right keyword choice effectively gains traffic in the long run. That said, you can also use the PPC Optimizer for Amazon app that lets you launch and direct the most profitable paid campaigns for your listings.

Seller Investigators

Seller Investigators offers various tools for Amazon FBA sellers to excel in what they already do.

For instance, PixelMe is perfect for sellers running ad campaigns on other platforms, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This boosts your game with retargeting pixels to track the users around the web.

Similarly, the AI-powered ZonTools helps optimize your PPC campaigns with minimum ad spend. This automatically increases the budget for high-performing results while cutting down on low-yield keywords.

Besides, the SellerTools assist you in taking advantage of Amazon Opportunity Explorer to outpace your competition. This will have you automate review requests, access competitors’ keyword lists, and make data-based decisions.

In addition to these, Seller Investigators has ScanUnimilted, Managebystats, SoStocked, and many more weapons to put you ahead in the race.


If you are a beginner on the Amazon marketplace, managing everything single-handedly becomes a nightmare. So, is there a way to accelerate your seller journey without deep diving into every complexity? Oh yes! Sellzone is there to the rescue.

Sellzone single-handedly manages Amazon SEO, Listing Optimization, Product Research, and Growth Hacking and protects your listings. Here’s the best part; Sellzone’s simple UI makes it ideal for the tech novice but don’t get me wrong. Sellzone has all the features you need, presented in a simplified UI, making it perfect for an experienced seller or a large business as well.

Sellzone’s top-notch product research feature lets you explore low-competition, high-demand products in your particular niche. You can later use the in-built Keyword Wizard to find the perfect search terms for your products.

Remember, the right keyword choice effectively gains traffic in the long run. That said, Sellzone also comes with the PPC Optimizer feature that lets you launch and direct the most profitable paid campaigns for your listings.


If you have made it into the big league of sellers on the Amazon marketplace and looking for an ideal marketplace solution, Feedvisor is worth giving a shot. The AI-integrated Amazon marketplace tool has some unique features for large sellers, retailers, brands, and private labels.

As mentioned earlier in the article, you should always try to win the Buy Box to exponentially grow your sales figures and gain credibility on the Amazon marketplace. Feedvisor optimizes your product prices, and the great algorithm ensures that you always win the Buy Box at a feasible price.

The algorithm takes several factors into consideration before optimizing your product prices and tracks intricate movements in the market to ensure you always make maximum profits.

Moreover, the Advertisement Optimization feature lets you generate maximum sales through your paid campaigns by targeting the audiences. The campaign manager feature conjointly supports manual and automated ad campaigns for your products and lets you monitor the sales figures under one standard dashboard.

The various dashboards on Feedvisor are a unique way of summing complex data into simpler forms using infographics and graphs. Feedvisor offers a performance, profitability, and returns dashboard containing numerous data points like listing performance, P&L analysis, returns by volume, and more.


Breaking News! Entering your sales figures into data entry software is the leading cause of extreme monotony in humans. A2X saves you from the tiresome job of e-commerce accounting by creating error-free and instant sales accounts in just a few clicks.

The easy-to-use solution lets you connect numerous e-commerce accounts like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and many more.

After connecting your seller account, you just need to specify the entries you want, and A2X will instantly process the data and bring you the accounts. Moreover, there is an A2X solution for bookkeepers as well, which lets bookkeepers handle accounts of multiple clients under one subscription.

AMZ Tracker

What if I said your Amazon Marketplace tool could come with an offensive, defensive, and recon strategy for sales growth? As gimmicky as it may sound, these strategies from AMZ Tracker do carry weight and are pretty great at growing sales for sellers.

The Offensive strategy involves looking up your keyword performances, analyzing your competition, and analyzing how to get an edge over your competition. Moreover, the offensive strategy aims at increasing your conversion rates by looking at various parameters that affect the current conversion rates and improving on these parameters. Then there is the Super URL function that brings off-Amazon traffic to your products and increases its rankings.

The Defensive strategies aim to protect your fortress and not get easy on your defenses while expanding your sales. AMZ Tracker sends an instant hijack alert whenever it detects any suspicious activity on your Amazon seller account and helps you reclaim any lost data immediately. You also get alerts for negative reviews so that you can tackle each negative review individually and act ASAP.

The Recon strategies include keyword research to find potential keywords. You also get an easy-to-use AMZ Chrome extension to monitor competitors’ data on the go.


Zonguru is an easy-to-use Amazon marketplace tool that brings tailored features for sales maximization, niche finding, listing optimization, monitoring and alerts, customer engagements, and a lot more.

If you are a beginner and you haven’t decided what to sell on Amazon, Zonguru’s Niche Finder can turn into an absolute lifesaver for you. The niche finder helps you determine the product category with the most promising future for a seller like you. Then you get the Niche Rater feature that checks a niche against various in-built parameters and rates it accordingly.

The listing optimization features on Zonguru include the “Keywords on Fire” section that shows all the related keywords performing phenomenally. You can use these fiery keywords to heat up your sales figures and get an edge over your competitors. Promise no more bad puns now!

You can further monitor all the critical metrics related to your Amazon marketplace account using the Business Dashboard. Moreover, Zonguru uses crucial sales figures to send keyword performance alerts and customizable alerts for re-ordering supplies from your suppliers. These features come in handy and avoid product shortages and subsequent delays.

The best part about Zonguru is its fantastic customer engagement feature set. You get brilliant features like the Email Automator that can send customizable emails to thank customers or promotional emails for staying connected with your consumers. Moreover, the Review Automator is another excellent tool that emails product reviews to customers after a successful purchase.

Summing Up 👇

While marketing on Amazon has enormous growth potential, it also comes with its caveats; high competition and extreme workloads are the major ones for beginners. The tools mentioned above are a great way to reduce the entry barrier as a beginner and swiftly achieve a steady growth rate for your existing business. But like every other thing, Amazon marketing needs you to stick to the basics and follow the best practices while selling your products.

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