Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

It is crucial to secure your computer, whether for work or personal use.

While you get the essential protection services by default in your operating system (Microsoft Defender or Apple XProtect ), it may not be enough.

It is not just about being protected from viruses and malware; you also need to think about data backup/restoration techniques to combat a situation you did not anticipate.

So, is there a solution that protects you from ransomware and offers excellent backup and recovery options?

Unfortunately, the mainstream solutions do not leave you with many choices. 

However, we think Acronis Cyber Protect can prove a viable option to supplement the system protection services.

Acronis Cyber Protect: Overview

It is a paid tool that needs a subscription to unlock all the features. The subscription for essential features starts at $49.99 per year for one computer.

If you want all the features it supports, along with the cloud storage, it can cost up to $125 per year.

Fortunately, you can find a trial version giving you access to most of the functionalities for 30-days.

I tested the trial version on Windows 10. But, it also supports Windows 11, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Here, I shall highlight the key features you can find with Acronis Cyber Protect and give you some pointers on why you should opt to try it out.

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect

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Acronis Cyber Protect provides a ton of features. In this case, I tried the Home Office edition tailored for individuals. You can also find an enterprise offering that should provide some extras for businesses.

So, I will highlight the essential features that make it an excellent choice for Windows and macOS users.

Full Image Backups

A full image backup or a complete system backup lets you mirror exactly what is stored on your computer.

You can also select a specific partition, but it stays the same without modifying the folder structure. Anything you have on your disk or partitions, the backup will include it.

So, this makes it easy to restore everything without much hassle.

Disk Cloning

Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

Suppose you have a new disk as an upgrade; how can you easily migrate all that data?

While a simple copy-paste should move over some data, you cannot transfer all your settings and the OS to a disk with a copy-paste functionality.

You should find various disk cloning software tools for Windows and Mac. But, that calls for another software installation.

Fortunately, Acronis also lets you clone your disk. The active disk cloning feature comes in handy.

You can easily clone the entire disk without rebooting or halting any of your operations.

Microsoft 365 Backup

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Microsoft 365 is one of the essential subscriptions to access Microsoft applications and OneDrive storage, among other things.

Can you create an additional backup of your cloud storage?

Yes, you can manually move it to another cloud storage as a backup (which is a tedious process) or use a third-party service for cloud-to-cloud transfers.

Well, some third-party options can be good, but with Acronis Cyber Protect, you already get this ability sorted.

File Sync and Share

Like any other cloud storage service, you get the flexibility of syncing your files between computers or in the cloud.

With Acronis Cyber Protect, you do not need to rely on a cloud storage client to keep your files in sync. For some, it might even replace the need for a separate cloud storage service for syncing and sharing between computers.

Dedicated Cloud Storage

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With all the essential features, it also offers 1 TB cloud storage. Note that you can only access cloud storage with the premium subscription.

Furthermore, you can opt for up to 5 TB of cloud storage by paying an additional fee.

In addition to the storage available, you can also encrypt it with a password.

1693558453 7 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

You can choose to use it to keep your system backups or your data from the cloud-like Microsoft 365.

It can complement your cloud storage requirements and reduce them in some cases.

Blockchain Notarization

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I am particularly impressed with this feature. Acronis uses Blockchain-based technology to enhance the security and authenticity of your data.

If you are curious, you might want to check out our introduction to Blockchain resource to gain some insights on the tech.

Your data will be kept in the form of a distributed database to prevent tampering and revision.

A fingerprint is generated for your data/files, proving the authenticity and ownership of those files. You can use this to your advantage when you share files as well.

If the fingerprint changes, it raises a red flag for you. So, it helps you assure that your data is safe and can be easily validated if you have doubts.

Incremental and Differential Backups

Instead of regularly creating backups, you can easily update existing backups to include any recent modifications or additions to your files and data.

It features a Change-Block Tracker technology that keeps track of all the changes in real-time, which makes it easy to update your backups in no time.

Version Control

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Version control is a beneficial feature that makes sure that you do not lose the latest version of your files.

When it comes to traditional backups, it overwrites your previous data or makes a separate copy. 

With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can choose to keep up to 999 versions of your backup and also get to decide how long you want the older versions to exist. 

Ransomware Protection & Antivirus Security

1693558454 577 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

You also get anti-ransomware protection to keep your system safe with the backup services.

Acronis Cyber Protect can automatically restore any affected files, making it a seamless protection choice.

It also scans your OS and applications for potential security issues with the system. The vulnerability assessment tool recommends settings and app updates to improve security.

The antivirus protection also includes real-time scanning and offers quick/full system scan similar to other antivirus solutions.

Overall, the security features make it easier to stay protected.

Web Protection

For complete security, your web browsing activities should remain safe. If you are surrounded by malicious websites, the attackers find it easy to inject malware, cryptojackers, and ransomware into your system.

1693558454 548 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

Thanks to Acronis, you also get a web filtering feature that blocks malicious URLs to keep you safe.

Mobile Backup

The data in our mobile phones is equally essential. Fortunately, you can choose to backup your mobile data on your computer or cloud with the same backup functionality.

And with the app on your device, you can automatically backup all your data, including photos, contacts, calendar, and videos.

Online Dashboard

To facilitate remote management, it also provides access to an online dashboard where you can initiate a backup, restore, and manage file sync/sharing.

1693558454 230 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

It is a no-nonsense dashboard that is easy to use.

1693558454 994 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

Additionally, you get access to other tools like rescue media creator, system cleaner, drive cleaner, and some community-made tools.

The extra tools do not offer a consistent user experience, but considering they are not the key highlights, you should be able to manage them.

1693558454 242 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

Overall, Acronis Cyber Protect gives you an arsenal of choices.

Why Should You Try Acronis Cyber Protect?

Acronis Cyber Protect is a premium software tool to enhance your computer’s security.

Unlike other antivirus protection services, you get access to many data backup services and more.

In other words, you get an all-in-one antivirus replacement with more features and data security.

It may not be a specialized antivirus tool, but it offers the essentials and the extras.

Note that you should uninstall any other active malware tool installed on your system to avoid conflicts.

1693558455 162 Secure Your Windows and Mac Computer with Acronis Cyber Protect

In my brief test usage, I found it impressive for desktop users worried about their data, backups, and security.

The user interface is clean and easy to use. Every option or feature guides you through the process without getting confused.

The absence of a dark mode theme is not a big deal, but you should know about it.

Protect Your System and Files

It is vital to protect your system from malicious attacks while having a recovery plan if things go south.

The feature set with Acronis Cyber Protect should give you great convenience to easily migrate and restore along with antivirus protection.

You get a trial version available that lets you test a few things out before you decide to purchase a subscription.

If you like it, it could be a replacement for multiple tools in your system. So, I would say it is worth recommending.

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