Rotate or Flip Videos With These 6 Tools

In this content-driven world, videos are probably the most creative form of marketing. Videos are engaging, educational, emotional, empathetic, and more.

It has become a requisite for content creators, businesses, and individuals to market their products, skills, services, and information. However, creating a video is not an easy task. Apart from the skills required to create a video, you can also use specific tools that help you flip a video camera at a moment’s notice.

What is the need to rotate or flip videos?

Rotate Video

Sometimes you record video in portrait mode, but the camera sensor doesn’t detect that you filmed in a different orientation. This causes the video to come out sideways or upside down.

In these situations, rotating a video is essential to increase the accessibility of your videos. If you are looking to find unique camera angles, you need to learn how to flip a video. 


It is difficult to watch a video shot in the wrong orientation. No matter how much you plan a shot in a certain way, sometimes, it’s better to go along with the flow. At that moment, when you are making a call about whether to shoot your video in a landscape or portrait orientation, you can make use of tools that helps you to flip the video horizontally or vertically quickly.

Let us check out some of the best tools that can help you flip or rotate your video.


Filmora is a creative editing platform for all creators. It features a myriad of tools that help you create videos quickly and efficiently. Video stability, video capture, and video reverting are its few features. With Filmora, you can express yourself better.

YouTube video

You can access tools and tutorials and share videos with the platform’s built-in community. This software lets you change video orientation as easily as A-B-C. Its features help you rotate the video into the different predefined angles to fit the horizontal format. Your video can rotate by 90 or 180-degrees in each direction. 


InVideo is a video editing tool that can help you rotate your video online. The high quality of your video remains the same when using this tool. You can rotate mp4 files too. You can rotate each image or text separately and the entire MP4 file to suit your requirements.

YouTube video

With InVideo, you don’t need to worry about watermarks. You can rotate videos without any watermark of the tool you are using. It is simple to use. You need to sign up and open your canvas. Upload the files by clicking on “Upload Media.” You’ll find the rotational option on the top of the image/video. 


Clideo is compatible with any format such as MP4, MOV, WMV, VOB, AVI, etc. It provides premium security. When you upload files, the high-level encryption ensures you’re the only one who can access them before they are deleted from their server. It rotates within seconds. It turns a video sideways with the click of one button. 


Moreover, you don’t need to download clideo to your phone, Mac, or PC because it lets you rotate videos right in your browser. The online video rotator allows you to convert a file to any desired format. You won’t have any trouble using Clideo because its interface is entirely intuitive.


Fastreel is a free online rotation tool. It allows you to quickly and safely edit videos online. Rotate clips by either 90, 180, or 270 degrees in any direction to make vertical or horizontal videos. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, their online video rotator is a breeze to work with.


Using Fastreel is safe, and your files will never get into the wrong hands. You need to add your file and upload your video to rotate it using Fastreel and save the result. Save the desired video clip for free (with a watermark) or try the paid export options. 


Kapwing is a simple and free tool to rotate and mirror videos online. It is a cloud-based tool, which means you can access videos from anywhere. This is the right tool if you want to rotate your video before posting. This tool lets you mirror, flip, and change the orientation of a video without downloading any complicated software.


Upload a video, GIF, or image. You can also paste a video link. Use the controls to mirror, flip, or rotate your video. Use the dots to adjust your video slightly. Just hit Export, and your final output video will be produced in just a few minutes. is a free online tool to rotate, flip, and invert any video. It is a video editing software that allows you to flip your videos online. Upload your file, click the video’s image and drag it to rotate. enables you to invert, rotate, and change a vertical video to a horizontal and vice versa.

YouTube video

This editor works with various file formats, including GIFs and MOVs, and can also protect the aspect ratio of the videos. Save your rotated media files and ensure that the clips you post on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are just as you want them. 


This article has discussed some of the best tools to flip videos. When creating a video, you need to make sure it is shot in the correct orientation. Nobody wants to see an upside-down video. If you have shot it the wrong way, take the help of these tools that quickly rotate, flip, and fix your video orientation in just a few clicks. These tools are simple, do not require any professional skills, and can take your video-creating experience to the next level. 

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