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Businesses need to send transactional emails, and these free services will come in handy for small to mid-level entrepreneurs. Stay tuned.

Emails are ingrained elements of our digital lives. We receive many from the moment we wake up to hitting the bad, and a few also slip in afterward 😅.

While there are many types of emails we send and receive, this is about a specific kind to which every business gives importance.

Transaction Emails

As evident by the name, these emails notify users about significant events like:

  • Account creation
  • Password change
  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping information
  • Invoice, etc.

The bottom line–they are crucial, and you don’t want to miss sending them. And while there are plenty of paid transaction email services, a free plan is something every beginner looks forward to.

So, let’s jump in for some free transactional email services!


Sendinblue gets you started with its free tier with a generous limit of 300 emails per day. You get responsive email templates customized to your taste and brand voice.

The free tier also features SMS marketing (addon) besides emails with contact name personalization. You can use its email API, SMS API, SMTP relay, and webhooks to send important email notifications.

Reporting is another area where Sendinblue shines with its real-time statistics about opens, clicks, etc. In addition, you can adjust the data logs per the GDPR policies.

Sendinblue also got plugins for integration with major eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Prestashop, and Shopify.

Finally, there is more to this free subscription, including unlimited contacts, advanced contact management, a visual workflow editor, etc.


SMTP (the brand, not the protocol) offers a premium service that you can deploy to manage your transactional emails. It comes with a free plan that allows you to send 50,000 emails during a 30-day trial period to experience its exceptional delivery rates.

The magic begins with its Reputation Defender, which closely monitors the health and reputation of your email list. It validates your recipients and prevents you from sending emails to invalid addresses.

The best part is its high scalability, ready to meet the demands of industry-leading businesses. Additionally, it provides effortless integration and 24/7 priority support for all subscribers.

All emails sent through SMTP are highly secure with SSL encryption and support for DKIM and SPF authentication protocols.

Its email relay API is a lightning-fast solution that can have you up and running in minutes. It offers a 99% uptime guarantee and 90-day data retention by default.

The base plan sends emails using a shared IP address, which can be upgraded to a dedicated IP when you switch to higher subscription tiers. Everything else, except for the sending limit, remains consistent across different plans.

SMTP places a high value on user privacy and is compliant with regulations such as GDPR, CASL, and CCPA.


SendGrid is a tried and tested solution used by industry leaders like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, etc., and you can rely on it without second thoughts.

Its highlight is the in-house Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) with a 99.999% uptime for superior reliability. Another interesting thing about the free tier is the collaboration with one teammate.

You can integrate and deliver your emails through SMTP or API, and it supports all primary programming platforms like curl, node.js, ruby, python, Go, PHP, Java & C#.

The free plan offers 100 emails per day and comes with analytics to monitor the sender’s reputation and campaign performance.

In addition, the advanced statistics help you keep tabs on data based on device, browser, ISP, location, etc.

Still, there is so much goodness you need to explore firsthand and see why it’s a trusted transactional email service opted for by top-tier companies.


Mailjet is a popular platform used by industry pros like Microsoft, American Express, Wikipedia, etc. The free plan covers 200 emails per day and reports opens, clicks, and non-delivery.

You can send emails through APIs, SMTP relay, and integrate webhooks for enhanced functionality.

Besides, the free tier permits you to manage unlimited contacts and has an advanced email editor for creative sends.

If you don’t mind spending, you should check out these reliable managed Email APIs to send transactional emails.


MailerSend has an excellent email limit of 12,000 per month on its free subscription. Even after this, one isn’t locked in any monthly plan but benefits from its pay-as-you-go pricing, making it an ideal transactional email service for small businesses.

Besides, the free tier promises a 99.5% SLA, email support, and an easy to work with drag and drop editor.

Moreover, you get the standard features like email API, SMTP relay, webhooks, and tracking analytics.

Finally, you get HTML and rich text editor, bulk emails, 7-day data retention, and a cap of 1,000 API requests per day.

Amazon SES

Amazon Web Services has an array of products, one of which is Simple Email Service (SES), currently used by Netflix, Reddit, Amazon, etc.

This is again a pay-as-you-go service provider with a free plan offering 62,000 outbound and 1,000 inbound emails per month. Afterward, the addons for extra sends are one of the most economical in the entire segment.

Most users praise this transaction email service which also comes with a slightly typical first-time setup. It supports sending with Amazon SES console, SMTP interface, and SES API.

Lastly, Amazon SES comes with the greatest free tier sending limit on this list which can be reason enough to opt for this reputed service.

Now, let’s compare all of these with this table:

(free plan)
Sendinblue SendGrid Mailjet MailerSend Amazon SES
Sending Limit
(per month)
9,000 3,000 6,000 12,000 62,000
Dedicated IP availability Add-on None None None Add-on
Data-logs retention 30-days to 5-years
30-days 3-months 7-day 90-days
GDPR Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uptime guarantee None 99.95% 99.9% 99.5% SLA 99.5% SLA
Payments Monthly Monthly Monthly Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go
No credit card signup Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Transaction Email Services

Transactional emails are vital for any business, and these services will come in handy for starting economically.

As all these listed providers offer free tiers, you can try these out to find your best match without risk.

PS: While you might have figured out transactional emails, check these platforms to hire the top marketing experts to scale further.

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