Java 6 Update 24 Plugs 21 Security Holes – Krebs on Security

A new version of Java fixes at least 21 security flaws in the widely-distributed software bundle. Updates are available for Windows, Linux and Solaris users.

Java 6 Update 24 Plugs 21 Security Holes – KrebsIf you’re curious about the security updates included in Java 6 Update 24, see the release notes from Oracle. As I have shown in many stories on this blog, outdated Java installations can give bad guys and malware a foothold on your system, so if you use Java, please keep it updated. If you have Java installed but can’t remember why, you might consider simply uninstalling it altogether (you can always reinstall it later). I only keep Java installed on one system of mine, and I disable the Java plugin from within Mozilla Firefox (Tools, Add-ons, Plugins).

Updates are available from within Java (click the Update tab from the Java entry in the Windows control panel), or from Mac users will need to wait until Apple releases a separate update to fix these flaws on OS X because the company maintains its own version of Java (for now, anyway).

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