How to Get Virtual Phone Number for Your Business?

Answering business calls from your personal phone number can really affect your privacy.

Not to mention the tiresome feeling of not keeping things in professional order. This is why businesses are turning to use virtual phone numbers for business inquiries, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t as well.

A virtual number is a telephone number without directly being connected to a telephone line. You can access and use it from as many devices as you want, including laptops and mobile phones. It lets you receive calls, text messages and even share the same number with different employees.

Though we have other means of communication as well, like live chat support and email, nothing beats the effectiveness of speaking on the phone to solve customers’ problems. Recent studies show that 41% of customers prefer talking over the phone in case of doubts/problems.

You don’t need to have any groundbreaking technical skills to get a virtual phone number. All you have to do is, use any of the solutions mentioned in this article, and you’re good to go.

Before I go on to list some of the best services to get a virtual phone number, here’s a little more about using virtual phone numbers.

Cuts down cost

Unlike traditional numbers, a virtual number can be routed through toll-free internet links. As a result, any incoming calls from customers may look like they’re calling a local number; but in fact, it’s answered on the other side of the world at absolutely no extra cost to the organization.

This becomes a cost-effective solution for your business.

Makes customers feel more personal

Most customers around the world prefer picking up the phone and dialing the local support number instead of trying to contact international numbers. The reason is, it saves money and is easier to reach. Virtual numbers help you provide local telephonic service, which in turn makes customers feel more personal.

Come across more professional

If a customer lands on your “contact” page and sees only one universal number to reach out, chances are they’ll already assume that it’s tough to get an answer. On the other hand, if they see multiple virtual numbers dedicated to separate departments, they’ll know your business is large and professional enough to provide several support numbers.

Not to forget, it also increases their probability of getting an answer.

Now, let’s see what options we have.


Want to have a virtual number for your business? Try Talkroute, the single app you need to call, text, and attend meetings with your customers. You can get a toll-free number from this platform to showcase the national presence of your company. It even lets you choose a local area code for your number.

Talkroute also has a limited collection of true 800 numbers that you may get. For customized phone numbers, you can choose a vanity number suitable for your business name. A number porting facility is available as well that enables you to transfer your existing business number to Talkroute.

This number can also be used to send and receive SMS and MMS. Video meeting with 100 people is also possible with it. Other highlighted features of this platform are call forwarding, multi-level AVR, voicemail, desktop and mobile apps, call recording, call stacking, offer permission for each user account, caller ID, and history reports.


Save big on each call with the help of Freshcaller by getting a virtual number in over 90 different countries. The fact that you can get a phone number in all those countries can help you deliver a personalized experience to your customers and as a result, potentially close more sales.

The 4 types of numbers you can get from this service are:

  • Toll-free
  • Vanity
  • International
  • Local

And you can also port in your existing number or bring your own carrier into Freshcaller. However, the good thing is, you can buy as many numbers as you like starting from just $1. There are no activation or additional charges apart from the monthly phone charge for the numbers you’ve used.

It comes with features like call forwarding, custom greetings, call masking for personalization, and a lot more. Get access to all of them by signing up and getting started for no cost at all.


A wonder service for small businesses, Grasshopper, provides you a virtual number along with all the functionalities of your phone. You can manage your personal, as well as a virtual number from one single device and easily differentiate between them.

For every business-related incoming call, you can set custom indications like greetings/extensions, so you’re prepared beforehand. With the help of their desktop and mobile app, you can also receive calls and texts from any devices. Not only that, if you’d like to pick up multiple calls simultaneously on different devices, you can do that too.

I’d recommend making use of their free trial to get a taste of what you’ll be getting. One thing to note here is that Grasshopper offers its service only to US users.


You can create and employ members from multiple departments and start assigning different numbers. Aircall covers over 100 countries, so you can be sure you’ll be getting a wider reach for your business. This solution is very flexible and adapts to almost any team size. You can adjust your settings now and tweak them as the requirement increases.

For better tracking and data processing, you can integrate all your call details into your CRM or helpdesk, from which you can keep track of recordings, history, status, and much more.


With the ability to use on an unlimited number of devices, MightyCall is fast and super-easy to set up. You can get toll-free as well as local numbers and keep your personal numbers private for the best reasons.

There is no need for the installation of any additional hardware. Just sign up and start using it within a quick time. Mightycall is currently only available in North America, but you can make international calls all over the world.


Covering more than 50 countries, CallHippo is another impressive virtual number provider. You can get your own virtual number instantly and add multiple users to it. With the numbers, you can receive and make as many calls as you want for your business.

Here are some other features:

  • Call transfer to select team members
  • Queue calls to be picked up instantly after the current one
  • Hold call conferences
  • Ability to ring multiple members at once
  • Record calls
  • Get detailed analytics for your calls

There’s a lot more to it, and you can sign up for free to try it out yourself.

UniTel Voice

With the ability to connect any device to your virtual phone system, UniTel Voice can help you grow your business quite flexibly. Here’s got it actually incorporates into your business:

You start off by picking your number, be it a toll-free, local or vanity one. After that, you can set a custom greeting message and go on to add department and employees to the system. Finally, you’re ready to make outbound and inbound calls, messages and fax.

Pricing plans start from just $9.99/month. Each and every plan includes the ability to record calls on your virtual system and as well as quality USA-based customer support.

I recommend scheduling a demo and trying all of the features out.


With over 250,000 virtual numbers to choose from, Circleloop is available in more than 60 countries. Any number you choose will be available for use instantly, which means there will be no frustrating waiting times.

The setup process is quite easy, after which you can start assigning numbers to specific team members. Not only that, but you can also get special and memorable numbers by paying a little extra than usual.

You can start your free trial today!


VirtualPhone allows you to get started by paying no set-up fees at all. You can choose from their library of toll-free numbers and start receiving/making calls within minutes. All of the numbers come with the following capabilities:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Call schedule
  • SMS
  • Softphone calling system
  • Live voice chat
  • Voicemail and fax
  • IVR

This service is available in more than 120 countries, which is pretty vast.


With no minimum contracts and set up fees, Avoxi allows you to get numbers from 2,500 different locations. It has over 20 VoIP business features, and call forwarding to any location is of them. You can opt for numbers for several purposes, like:

  • Toll-free
  • Virtual local number
  • Universal freephone number

You can straightaway go to their website, select your country, number type, and choose from the numbers available.


No matter if you’re a startup, small business, or an enterprise, Knowlarity is suitable for all of that. You can opt for one single number and use it on as many departments you like, making the task easier for you and your customers.

It has:

  • In-depth analytics
  • Smart call routing
  • Integration to any CRM
  • Ability to handle multiple calls at once
  • Supports both local and international calls

There are a lot more features that you can try out with their 7-day free trial.


Good for almost any business size, Exotel offers a wide range of exciting features along with your virtual number. You get the option to choose from local and toll-free numbers, and both of them allow you to:

  • Record calls
  • Get real-time call reporting
  • Redirect customer calls
  • Queue calls to be picked up right after the current one
  • Enable parallel ringing across all users and devices
  • Forward calls
  • Identify personal and business calls

Be sure to try out their 15-day free trial.

Starting at just $9.99/month, Phone has some really inexpensive virtual numbers for your business. You can instantly get started by signing up, picking up a suitable number, and enjoy worldwide coverage. With Phone, you’ll get these amazing features:

  • HD voice quality
  • Call conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Group communication
  • Seamless fax sending/receiving
  • Receive text messages

This solution works with literally any device, be it mobile phones, laptops, computers, or traditional analog phones.


GBPN has a universal plan that includes every single of its features, and it costs just $20/month. You can use your existing phone to get started, and there is no need for additional hardware. On the homepage, you’ll see handpicked toll-free numbers selected for you. You can either pick them or select one of your choices.

Some notable features include:

  • Unlimited call duration
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Set time-based call routing for uninterrupted lifestyle
  • Assign numbers to team members or leave custom voice messages when you’re asleep
  • Access call history to look back on important data

Since there is only one plan, you don’t get a free trial here. However, the plan is well worth the shot and price.


There are a few more solutions that aren’t mentioned in this list, but you can be sure the above ones are handpicked with quality in mind. I hope you can get your own virtual number today.

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