How to Boost Your Profile With Expert Rating Certifications

Online Certifications have become a sought-after way of learning now and have grown significantly since the pandemic started.

Significant growth has been visible in the last decade when it comes to online learning and certifications. Due to the pandemic, people were forced to improve their skills through online media. Even before the pandemic, the markets for online education were forecasted to reach $350 billion by 2025.

It is noteworthy that skills are more valuable than degrees. But a certification from a trusted authority will put you in a better place. It will act as a display of your skills as well as credibility.

Certifications can help you out in kick-starting your career or even taking it to new heights. It is not possible to be present at every place to learn new things. This is where online certifications kick in. You can sit in the comfort of your home and gain new skills and certifications. Online education and learning have made this very easy.

There are plenty of reasons why students prefer taking up online certifications to acquire new skills.

Why do people opt for Online Certification Courses?

Earlier, the trend was to go to schools and colleges to get degrees. Now, the trend is slightly changing. People are getting inclined to taking up specific courses and acquiring only the required skills. Here are some reasons that will enlighten you why people opt for online certification:

#1. Balancing Time

Whether you are a student or someone who wants to acquire more knowledge and certification in any field, you might often find it challenging to manage the time. With the help of online courses, you can set your priorities and take up your learning sessions in your free time. You get enough flexibility to manage everything.

#2. No geographical restrictions

With online certifications, you don’t need to rely on any place. Even if you want to take up a course taught in another part of the world, you can still take it up through the online medium. This is the beauty of online certifications. You can sit in your home and get credible certifications from trusted authorities around the world.

#3. Focused curriculum

The best thing about online education is that you get to decide what you wish to learn. In degree courses, there is a fixed approach for learning. In online certifications, you can choose a course that interests you. You will also feel motivated as you don’t have to gain credits for compulsory courses that don’t interest you.

#4. Access to online materials

Now, there is no need to carry books around because everything is available at your fingertips. All you need is an internet connection and the dedication to learn something. Another benefit is that you can easily re-watch the video lectures or go through the notes again at any time.

#5. More choice of course topics

There is a high chance of course limitations on the campus you decide to take up your degree. When you go with online education, you will see that you can choose any course at your convenience because you get plenty of options. You don’t need to limit yourself because of the staffing requirements because you can choose from courses worldwide.

There are plenty of benefits associated with online certifications and degree programs. These are a few of them to help you decide whether you wish to go with an online certificate or an on-campus degree.

If you plan to take up online courses, you should check out ExpertRating and its excellent online certification programs.

ExpertRating Online Certifications

ExpertRating delivers more than 3 million online courses and certification tests annually. At ExpertRating, you can find in-depth online courses, ebooks, and tutorials at affordable prices for every industry. All the resources available here are beneficial for people looking forward to expanding their careers or even gaining credibility for starting their careers.

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ExpertRating possesses the world’s largest test inventory with 800+ skill tests. You can find an efficient and affordable way of testing and improving your skills in over 300 online certifications accepted worldwide. You will also notice a considerable boost in the chances of moving ahead in your career after taking up an online certificate from ExpertRating.

When you visit the ExpertRating website, you will find plenty of online certification programs. The categories being covered by them are:

  • Fitness & Healthcare
  • Personal Development & Enrichment
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Skills
  • Business Administration
  • Digital Photography & Digital Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Languages
  • Law & Legal Careers
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Building
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Web & Computer Programming
  • Writing & Publishing

Other than these, you will find lots of categories to choose from. So, you’ll never fail at getting the right course for yourself.

Now, let us look at a few online courses provided by ExpertRating and get an idea about their features.

#1. Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing is the trendiest field, with everything moving towards the digital side. The area of Digital Marketing includes everything from blogging and pay-per-click to social media engagement and link building. You will learn about plenty of digital marketing strategies in this online course to get better at bringing more visitors to your website.

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This Digital Marketing Online Course covers various modules to educate individuals about digital marketing techniques like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, paid search, strategies, and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. It also covers the topic of blogging.

Once you take up the entire course, you will have to clear an exam for getting certified. Whether you are learning it for your own business or help out your clients, you will see a vast difference in the results after taking up this online certification.

#2. Project Management Certification

The Project Management Certification by ExpertRating will help you to manage projects at an excellent speed. No matter how short the deadlines and skimpy the budgets are, you will have a strategy up your sleeve after taking this online course.

The course covers all the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary for understanding project management. The modules have been created by keeping in mind the PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute. So, you can rely on this course to get complete knowledge related to project management.

#3. Personal Trainer Certification

People are now more concerned about fitness and health. With the ExpertRating Personal Trainer Certification, you can get yourself certified as a personal trainer through online skill testing and certification. If you are thinking about starting your career in the fitness industry, this is the right course.

This online course covers more than 120 exercises that are easy to understand for both beginners and professionals. You’ll find every aspect of fitness covered, from exercises of different body parts to food and nutrition.

#4. Business Analyst Certification

To validate your business analysis skills or step your foot in the field of business analysis, you should consider taking up the Business Analyst Certification. This online course teaches you many business analysis concepts like market strategy analysis, ratio analysis, organizational analysis, and much more. This Expert Rating online certification will help you stand out from the crowd of job applicants. This course takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

#5. Virtual Assistant Certification

With everything moving towards the digital side, people are looking for virtual assistants to handle their tasks. If you know about the field but don’t know how to get started with it, you are at the right place. This Virtual Assistant Certification by ExpertRating will help you gain all the necessary skills and become a fully-booked virtual assistant after its completion.

If you possess a VA certification, you will gain better exposure to business and freelancing opportunities. Employers will consider you a credible candidate for VA because you have attained the Expert Rating certification.

Why choose ExpertRating?

There are plenty of platforms available in the market for online certifications. We will now discuss the benefits of doing a course via ExpertRating.


#1. Integrated Testing System

Recruiters, HR software developers, and ATS can directly integrate the ExpertRating testing system into their websites. Skill assessment can be easier for the candidates as educational institutions can now place the testing feature on their platform.

#2. Unmatched Features for Employment Testing

Companies receive plenty of testing features like flexible testing options, multiple payment options, in-depth reporting features, and economical testing. The employers need to sign up and pay the fees to start testing a prospective employee in less than 3 minutes.

#3. Forever Certification Credibility

The hard copy of your certificate will be delivered to you through airmail. So, you always have proof of your certified skills. Other than that, you will also get an online transcript that will mention your score for proving your certified credentials any time through the internet.

#4. ISO Certification

ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This ensures that all the courses and certifications provided are of the highest quality standards in the international market. Every online course on ExpertRating is created through extensive research by experts and professionals of different industries. There is a team of experts to verify the quality of every course before putting it up on ExpertRating.

#5. Pre-Employment Testing

If your company takes employee upskilling seriously, then ExpertRating is the perfect platform for your company. There are plenty of skill tests available over here to test your employees in the right way. Before you hire the next employee, you can test their skills and see if they could add value to the organization or not.

ExpertRating provides the most efficient and affordable option to employers for assessing an employee’s skills. When it comes to pre-employment testing, ExpertRating is considered to be a worthy option for several companies. Here, you get to choose from over 800 tests for your employees.

These are some of the primary reasons why you should consider ExpertRating. More than 3 million tests are conducted annually, and 25 million people have taken up a test on ExpertRating till now. So, you can consider ExpertRating for taking up any skill assessments or online certifications.

Alternatives to ExpertRating

#1. Coursera

You can take the next step in your life or advance your career by taking up online certifications from Coursera. There is no need to possess prior experience for taking up any course, and you can also expect world-class training from highly qualified professionals.

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You can either go with the in-demand courses or even take up online degrees directly from the platform. All this from the comfort of your home.

#2. Whizlabs

At Whizlabs, you will receive high-quality training at affordable prices. There are plenty of courses available in every in-demand industry like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Java, Linux, Blockchain, AI, and much more. All you need to do is find the right course, take up the online tests, and get your certification.


You can expect complete support from experts in every field if you feel stuck at any place.

Even if you are a company and thinking about upskilling your employees, you can take up the ‘Whizlabs for Business’ program and upskill your team at affordable prices.

#3. Udemy

There are more than 155,000 online video courses on Udemy. You will find a wide variety of options when you visit Udemy because there are courses available on every single topic with multiple creators to choose from. You get to learn at your own pace as you get complete access to the entire course on your mobile and desktop for a lifetime.

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With Udemy Business, you can even train your employees and improve their skills to benefit your organization eventually. From the trendiest topic to the least known topic, you can find everything over here. These online courses are pretty affordable, with several free options too.

Conclusion 👨‍🏫

People prefer to study along with their full-time jobs. This is why more people are taking up online courses as they offer the flexibility of time and location. Suppose you are planning to learn something new to get a promotion in your present job or move to a different line of work. In that case, you should check out ExpertRating to find some of the best online certification options.

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