Build Powerful Charts, Visualize Data and Make Dashboard Within Your Applications With FusionCharts

Do you need to visualize data in apps in a way that users or customers will understand effortlessly? Do you want those data visualization dashboards and charts to be non-cluttered and clean? You need to try FusionCharts, a JavaScript charts library for modern mobile apps and web apps. 

Automatic data tools for charting, forecasting, plotting, and data illustrations play a significant role in decision-making in corporations and businesses. Similarly, fintech apps for customers also require an automatic and real-time tool for analyzing and presenting data. 

Developers have used open-source charting libraries for a long time to create the solutions mentioned above in the apps for businesses and end-users. However, open-source tools suffer from inconsistencies, framework compatibility issues, and recurring issues. Thus, your app’s time to market increases and the development cost. 

You and your development team can easily bypass such issues and get your app to market quickly by using FusionCharts. Get an in-depth idea of this JavaScript charting tool to develop modern dashboards and interactive charts.

What Is FusionCharts?

FusionCharts is a charting and data visualization development platform based on JavaScript. Its charts can extract raw and real-time data from databases to transform input data into actionable insights for businesses, stock traders, and fintech customers. 

With more than 100 interactive charts and over 2000 maps that developers can choose from, FusionCharts has become one of the leading charting libraries for the mobile and web app industry. 

FusionCharts website home page

FusionCharts’ dashboard, map, and chart template easily integrates with front-end languages like JavaScript, React, AngularJS, React Native, etc. These templates also easily integrate with server-side coding languages like Java, PHP, Django, etc. 

Thus, app developers do not need multiple development tools to build functional dashboards if they use the FusionCharts services. Because the library elements are compatible with front-end and back-end (server-side) development frameworks, your apps can process real-time data feeds quickly and efficiently.

Currently, more than 800,000 developers use this JavaScript charting library to insert charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards in various apps. This charting library is highly suitable for apps like: 

  • Online form building
  • Banker’s training
  • Real-time search and analytics of big data
  • Online donation
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • Network monitoring and management solution
  • Business intelligence or BI
  • Power output and usage
  • Corporate Management Suite or CMS
  • Online collaboration tool
  • Car rental
  • Customer service and internal corporate service
  • Online healthcare practice

Now that you’ve known about the scope of FusionCharts in mobile and web apps, it is time to learn the products through which the charting library offers its brilliant and extraordinary services.   

FusionCharts Suite XT

For the convenience of developers and business owners, the JavaScript charting services of FusionCharts come in a bundle of various packages. Developers can pull resources from one functional source instead of multiple slips. Essentially, FusionCharts Suite XT is a central space for all of your JavaScript charting needs.

To elaborate more, FusionCharts Suite XT assembles various development clusters in one place. These clusters or products of FusionCharts help developers to build various types of dashboards, tables, forecasts, charts, maps, and graphs in their mobile or web apps. 

These data-driven visualization elements are appropriate for application within data analytics dashboards, business reports, web or mobile traffic surveys, online customer surveys, stock market data reports, and enterprise software monitoring. 

Developers usually use both JavaScript (HTML5) and Adobe Flash to render the visualizations. As a result, the mobile and web apps become highly responsive whether the end-users visualize target data on Andoird, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, macOS PC, Chrome OS PC, and standard web browsers. 

The development core of the FusionCharts Suite XT consists of the following components:  

FusionCharts XT

FusionCharts XT is the home of more than 50 cool and professional charts and graphs of FusionCharts. Its chart elements are well segregated into 16 broad categories, like Column Chart, Bubble Chart, USA Map, Chord, Sankey, Pie in 3D, and so on. 

A visualization of several charts in FusionCharts XT

You can also customize the background of the data visualization charts. FusionCharts provides four different charting themes: Fusion, Gammel, Candy, and Umber. Thus, you can distinctively design your surveys, reports, monitors, dashboards, and data analytics with functional charts and themes.     

FusionWidgets XT

FusionWidgets XT helps developers to create Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You can also use these widgets to make monitors, dashboards, and reports more insightful when you need to analyze real-time data from database servers. 

This development core supplies your team with various speedometers and gauges to illustrate data as performance for an app, website, employee, business operation, and any other business assets.

Example of widgets from FusionWidgets XT

If you are a developer and thinking about which widgets will help you in your app development project, take a look below: 

  • Use linear, angular, bulb, LED, RPM monitor, etc., for performance indication, power usage, resource usage, and operations output.
  • Apply simple Gantt, grouped view of tasks, hourly tasks, milestone indicators, etc., in project management and task scheduling apps.
  • Funnel and Pyramid charts are perfect for hierarchical and progressive data illustration.
  • To visualize target vs. achieved values of complex data, you can try bullet and spark charts.
  • For the real-time stock market, business operations production, and cryptocurrency data, you can use line, area, and column charts that update themselves. 

In addition, you can also customize the widgets in several ways to fit your app’s design.   

PowerCharts XT

If you need to visualize domain-specific data in a clutterless and clean dashboard, look into the PowerCharts XT section. It has a collection of 10 advanced and complex charts like heat and tree maps, spider charts, waterfall charts, visually editable bar charts, node diagrams, etc. 

Several examples of PowerCharts XT elements

If you’re building an app for performance analysis, financial planning, network diagrams, profit-loss analysis, hierarchical structures, and stock price plotting, the aforementioned chat elements will be appropriate. 

FusionMaps XT

You might come across app development projects where you need to take the help of global, country-wide, or regional maps to visualize data in a meaningful way. FusionMaps XT is the product where you will get more than 2,000 maps. 

FusionMaps XT asset examples

These maps include USA map, USA states, USA counties, European regions, and so on. You should be using these maps to plot data related to sales of products, population growth, business locations, production facilities, shipping routes, weather/temperature, fertility rates, exposure to mobile or computer, and environmental pollutants.    


Time-series visualizations with interactive actions are valued since fintech and decentralized finance (DeFi) apps are growing rapidly. If you’re working on a cryptocurrency trading, stock trading, or personal finance app, you will find all the required charting templates in JavaScript (HTML5) format in FusionTime

Visualization of a simple time series data in FusionTime

Also, implementing these charts only requires a few lines of programming codes. Hence, developing stock charts, simple time-series charts, complex multivariate analyses, and millions of data points illustration becomes easy on any mobile or web app with FusionCharts.

Additionally, the charts you use are also responsive and adjust automatically with the device screen when you change the gadget from mobile to PC to tablet. You do not need to configure screen size manually.   


Your customers or clients may need to download the visualizations for easy access, emailing, website embedding, social media posts, etc. For that, you can use the FusionExport services from FusionCharts.

It automates the generation of dashboards from the server-side so that you can efficiently export live charts via email or website embed codes. You can also convert the dashboards, charts, and other visualizations into static formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc. 

Using FusionExport to export dashboards

FusionExport is a standalone tool that you can easily install and work with various JavaScript charting libraries like HighCharts, FusionCharts, Chart.js, d3, and many more. It also comes with built-in software development kits (SDKs) for Node.js, C#, Java, Go, etc.      

FusionCharts Accessibility Extension

What about the website and mobile app accessibility compliance when you insert various charts and graphs? FusionCharts also got you covered on these lines by offering Accessibility Extension for FusionCharts. Currently, the FusionCharts developers are beta testing the product. 

The extension will automatically transform the charts into accessibility-compliant assets so that your website complies with WCAG 2.0 of the W3C community guidelines and the US Government’s Section 508 rules of the website and mobile app accessibility.

The accessibility solution offers the following features: 

  • Keyboard-based navigation of charts and dashboards.
  • Screen reader facility for texts and chart elements that are focusable.
  • Interactive charts through keyboard-based legend modifications and drill-downs.

These features will increase the web and app traffic of your online assets.    

FusionCharts APIs

FusionCharts also lets you access various application programming interfaces or APIs for in-house apps, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, Customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and so on. Some of the vital APIs are for:

  • Exporting dashboards and charts using an API.
  • Update reports and charts by employing a FusionCharts API.
  • Data Engine API for data analytics.
  • API for slicing data plots.
  • A Rest API to build self-updating charts and dashboards.

Additionally, the FusionCharts Dev Center has elaborate documentation on these APIs.   

Final Words

FusionCharts offers all the modern components needed to develop an app that will cater to numbers and data. You can easily configure these JavaScript charts and dashboards in your app to visualize raw data meaningfully. Also, you can inject codes for interactive actions so that end users can slice and dice data the way they want to discover actionable insights. 

Moreover, SWF file copy-paste functionality, JSON/XML/URL data interface, visualization development in under 15 minutes, accessible developer documentation, and transparent licensing makes this charting library a must-have for your app development tech stack.

Besides a robust app with modern dashboards and charts for data visualization, you’ll also need AI-powered data forecasting and prediction tools to successfully steer your business in turbulent times.

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