Best Email Spam Filtering and Protection Solution

Email spam filtering and protection solutions are in high demand as cybersecurity risks continue to increase.

Businesses and end-users are both suffering at the hands of attackers. As a result, their data, security, and privacy are being compromised.

Organizations have lost millions along with customer trust and reputation. Similarly, end users’ personal information is being exploited due to deadly attacks.

This is why using email spam filtering solutions makes sense.

Let’s understand what they are and how beneficial they can be for your business. 

What are email spam filtering solutions and how can they help?

Email spam filtering and protection solutions are software with capabilities to protect your data, systems, network, and assets from cybersecurity risks that can come through your emails.

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Cyber attackers send emails with harmful links and attachments. And if you or your employees end up clicking on them or opening them, the virus or malicious code can spread in your systems and files. 

It can potentially damage your files or corrupt them and lead to vulnerabilities that can transform into a full-blown attack.

But if you have installed spam filtering and protection solutions, you can safeguard your files and systems. The software can detect and block malicious emails to prevent you from opening them.

The benefits it can bring for your organization are:

Protecting files and data

Opening and clicking malicious links on emails sent by an attacker can turn out to be disastrous. You may risk losing your data to attackers who may run cyber attacks and expose your sensitive information. However, email spam filtering and protection software will save you from these risks.

Maintaining reputation

Customers have shown trust in you with their personal information like name, address, phone number, email address, bank details, credit/debit card information, and so on. But if you lose their data to the wrong hands, you risk losing customer trust. 

It tarnishes your reputation in your industry and among your customers, who may consider others over you. Thus, your business could be affected. But if you use a good email spam filtering solution, you can avoid all of these concerns.


Regulatory compliance is becoming more strict, and organizations must abide by their laws. Regulatory bodies such as HIPAA and GDPR ensure organizations have capabilities in place to protect customer data and regulate its usage. Hence, you must ensure using strategies and technologies like email spam filtering and protection solutions to help mitigate risks and data loss.

So, if you are looking for good options, here are some of the best email spam filtering and protection software solutions.


SpamTitan provides a modern and easy-to-use email spam filtering solution perfect for schools, managed service providers, and businesses. It can block spam emails, viruses, malicious email threats, malware, and ransomware.

This solution can protect your business and schools from malicious links to websites coming through your emails. In fact, it is named a highly effective and advanced spam blocker since it has a 99.9% spam catch rate along with a 0.003% false rate.

SpamTitan offers a 5-star security solution for your emails. It is easy to deploy, use, and manage with an effortless setup procedure. Once you set it up, it will start doing its job, and you will experience immediate results. Furthermore, it introduces double anti-virus protection so that the spam blocking solution will work in an effective double way. 

Best Email Spam Filtering and Protection Solution

SpamTitan allows blocklisting, allowlisting, recipient verification, outbound scanning of email, and advanced reporting. You can also integrate it with your Office 365 and strengthen your email security against threats through an in-depth approach.

Moreover, you get a predictive technology that provides a secure solution for emails facing new attacks. It prevents internal data loss with the data leak prevention (DLP) rules. In addition, it has capabilities to mitigate spear and whaling phishing by scanning inbound emails.

You will get customizable policies, advanced threat protection, email content filtering, dedicated RBLs, Zero Day attack prevention, quarantine reports of spams, sandboxing, outbound email scanning, and a lot more. 

Start your free trial today and secure your business. 


Get an open-source, free, and fast spam filtering system software for your business with Rspamd. It is designed to process 100 emails every second through a single CPU core.

This modern spam filtering system helps evaluate various emails with a number of rules that include regular expressions, custom services, and statistical analysis. It analyzes every message and gives a spam score accordingly. 

According to the spam score, you will get suggestions from Rspamd for taking necessary actions immediately, such as reject, pas, or add a header. It has a completely functional Ajax-based web interface that monitors and configures its rules, dynamic lists, messages, scores, and more. 

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You need not worry about the configuration as it is self-hosted. Rspamd follows the latest web applications standards that eliminate the use of applications or web servers to run web UI. You can run Rspamd directly with a web browser. It works with the most famous mail transfer systems, including Exim, Haraka, Sendmail, or Postfix.

Furthermore, Rspamd offers Lua API that helps create your rules for targeted and efficient spam filtering. Moreover, it supports HTTPS and HTTP maps. Rspamd is available for different types of content checks based on messages, texts, headers, etc., such as fuzzy hashes, regular expression filtering, charitable, DCC, and more.

With various policy checks, such as DKIM, Whitelists, DNS lists, URL lists, rate limits, maps module, replies module, and more, you will never fall behind. Download Rspamd now and follow the complete steps to configure.

Spam Scanner

Spam Scanner is one of the best email filtering, phishing prevention, and anti-spam solutions and is an excellent alternative to Rspamd, SpamAssassin, SpamTitan, and more.

It is built to offer a simple, scalable, performant, and powerful API for limiting spam and providing suitable measures to prevent cyber attacks. In addition, Spam Scanner is easy to use and maintain.

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Configure Spam Scanner as you like from the ground up and get many essential and modern features that help in reducing phishing, executable, and spam attacks. This spam filtering and protection service includes features, such as:

  • Naive Bayes Classifier is updated frequently to gain anonymous, SHA-256 hashed, upstream from the forward email. Spam Scanner trains it with a large data set of ham, spam, and ARF or abuse reporting format data.
  • Spam Content Detection works out-of-the-box in detecting ham and spam emails. This technique depends on the stemmed or tokenized words.
  • Phishing Content Detection is a powerful approach to prevent IDN homograph attacks, domain swapping, and more. 
  • Executable Link and Attachment Detection technique checks various links and headers in the message, magic numbers, file extensions, and more to prevent attacks on file names.
  • Virus Detection technique helps in scanning email attachments, including embedded CID images for malware, viruses, trojans, or other threats. 

Install and configure it now to see how it works out for you.

Apache SpamAssassin

Get the open-source platform Apache SpamAssassin that administers filters to differentiate emails and block spam. 

SpamAssassin uses a powerful scoring framework and various plugins to integrate many advanced statistics and heuristic analysis tests on the email headers, including Bayesian filtering, collaborative filtering databases, DNS blocklists, text analysis, etc. It also uses a wide range of network and local tests to identify spam signatures.

The solution makes it difficult for spammers to infiltrate your systems and data through malicious emails. In addition, it allows anti-spam configuration and tests that are stored as plain text. This way, it becomes easy to use the service and add new rules.

SpamAssassin converts its logic into an abstract and well-designed API so that you can integrate it anywhere in your mail delivery system. With a minimal configuration, you are all set to go without updating the version continuously with mailing lists, mail accounts, etc.

Once you are done, user-specific site and classified policies will be ready for you to fight against spam. The best thing is you will get the solution for free under the same conditions as other providers. 

N-able Mail Assure

Protect your emails from viruses, spear phishing, impersonation, spoofing, social engineering attacks, ransomware, business email compromise, malware, spam, and more with N-able Mail Assure. It introduces machine learning and collective threat intelligence to protect from various threats in real-time.

You will get advanced threat protection for your inbound and outbound emails, along with complete support for DMARC/DKIM/SPF. Experience even better services by integrating Mail Assure with Microsoft 365 via the add-in option in office 365. It will help keep your mails alive and available with 24/7 email continuity through the web console.

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N-able Mail Assure comes with strong encryption and offers long-term email archiving along with unlimited storage. It has many filtering technologies that block around a billion spam messages every month.

Moreover, its cloud-based proprietary engine recognizes threats in real-time before they attack. You can also build a unique solution with its multi-tenant platform to extend your offerings to your clients. You will be able to recognize new threat patterns easily with AI and protect against human error as well.

Allow your emails to retain or expire with your preferable settings to reduce user email loss. By turning on email archiving, you can capture outgoing mail with ease. Get your hands on this excellent spam filtering solution and try it for free.


SpamBully works with Office 2019 and older, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail, Outlook, and Office 365, to filter your emails and protect them from various attacks. It offers Bayesian Spam Filter techniques that differentiate good or spam emails using AI and server blacklists.

While you download your email, it ensures only legit emails make their path to your inbox. You can choose who and what makes your emails into the inbox by setting which words, addresses, countries, languages, and phrases are blocked or allowed. This will help limit spam emails in your inbox.

Give the spammers their return gift by reporting them to the servers, returning their spam, and increasing their costs. If you have an unfamiliar sender, SpamBully allows you to send a unique password that they must type correctly in order to get into your inbox. 

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You will get detailed information, such as country, IP addresses, and character set, along with the way SpamBully has filtered spam. In addition, you will get notifications on the status of each email, like why or why not a message was blocked, and recommend some corrections in real-time. 

Check Blackhole lists for the domains that send massive rates of spam and allow SpamBully to filter all the domains from the inbox automatically. Additionally, you can set to delete your spam messages automatically instead of sorting so that you will never see any spam messages again. 

Detect unwanted links in the messages from fraudulent sources and forward good emails to mobile phones for easy access. You can also easily keep track of SpamBully working procedures with statistics and comprehensive graphing. 


MailWasher blocks all the spam messages before it hits your inbox. It works with every email account and program and offers a recycle bin that ensures no loss of any important messages. It also introduces intelligent and smart spam tools to do your work and prevent your messages from unwanted threats.

MailWasher can shoot viruses and spam before they hit your PC. It is easy to use and supports every device. MailWasher screens all the email accounts at a place and allows only those emails you want in the inbox. You can also preview all the emails before they can enter a mobile device or computer.

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Now, you can read your emails instantly and securely by deleting suspicious emails in no time. By using MailWasher, you can expect zero spam messages on your device, no loss of essential emails, proper inspection of each message, and good emails every time. 

You will get a WHOIS report to know the source of the spam emails and hidden links inside the mail. Let MailWasher do all the hard work for you, from a simple friend’s list to learning and advanced custom filters. 

Start your tour now and experience how fast MailWasher can stop scams, spams, and other junks. 


Save your time filtering spam messages with SpamSieve, which provides a robust spam filtering solution for your Mac. It uses the powerful Bayesian Spam Filtering technique to filter spam, scam, and unwanted messages accurately. 

SpamSieve works with Exchange, POP mail accounts, and IMAP. In addition, it learns and adapts on its own to your mail to block all the junk. You can control it from your Airmail, MailMate, Outlook, Mailsmith, Postbox 5, Powermail, Apple Mail, Entourage, and more. 

The solution maintains an allowlist that guarantees no marking of previous correspondence as spam. Similarly, it maintains a blocklist to instantly stop scams and spam messages sent from the same addresses. It can easily decode the encoded messages from spammers to discern their real nature.

SpamSieve differentiates every spam according to the colors so that you don’t have to check each spam message and waste time on it. Instead, you can focus on the more volatile one. You can also track SpamSieve’s work through the borderlines.

Don’t worry about privacy since it does not access your account login and transmit mail data anywhere. You can integrate SpamSieve with your contacts to get direct messages from them without filtering. In addition, add your own rules according to your needs and customize blacklists and whitelists.

Furthermore, you will get the track report of how many good or spam messages you are getting along with the rate of changes over time. Download the free trial or buy SpamSieve for your Mac to start filtering your emails and prevent your computer from unwanted junk. 

Conclusion 📧

A reliable email spam filtering solution can help prevent cyber security risks coming through malicious emails that can infiltrate your systems and data. You can use any of the above-mentioned spam filtering and protection solution of your choice to protect your data, systems, and files.

Alternatively, you can also use a cloud-based email security solution to ensure your emails are safe.
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