9 Best Outreach Software to Boost Revenue and Engagement

The significant aspect of sales comes to mind when it comes to outreach. However, outreach is a substantial part of the interaction that requires outreach software.

Consider it the first mode of communication with the respective person or company that will set the roadmap of how the deal will go. However, it can be challenging to keep track of the outreach on who to follow up, their responses, etc.

It depends on the outreach software that can help sales engagement and boost the organization’s revenue.

With this said, here are the best outreach software that one must be aware of.


Saleshandy is a cold email outreach to gauge the recipient’s behavior, integrate workflow, and automate follow-ups in minimum time. This tool is widely used to boost business growth with more conversation, automated and personalized user engagement, and save time to focus on prospects easily.

The significant features of this tool are custom tracking domain, sending email according to the spam filter, personalized email content, automated follow-ups, understanding user experience, etc.

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This tool saves a lot of time chasing cold prospects that might not convert to potential leads. Users can also easily integrate the workflow, saving time spent in switching applications. There are editable templates available that users can use, making it easier to edit, schedule, and track emails.


Reply.io is a tool that can help send personalized cold emails as a scale multichannel and automate outreach. It helps generate leads, grow revenue, acquire customers, engage with leads, find prospects, and leverage analytics. The tool can help automate manual tasks, scale up the pipeline, and save time to close the deal.

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Reply is straightforward to use, find the prospects on Sales Navigator or LinkedIn, engage across multiple channels using cold emails, track or analyze the progress to drive results. The tool is easy to integrate with Copper, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.


Klenty is a sales engagement platform that allows users to book meetings and get replies for the team. The tool can help send personalized sales emails, fill up the CRM, and automate follow-ups.

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It offers highly customized emails for users that increase engagement and ensure that the prospect’s interest is hooked. It offers branch cadences on engagement, unlimited custom placeholders, sends emails to maximize responses, random sending intervals, email throttling, custom domain tracking, and connects to SMTP, Office 365, and Gmail.

The significant features of Klenty include more innovative ways to get tasks and calls done in batches. It increases the productivity for the users with automatically scheduled calls, adds tasks and calls to cadences, and batch execute.

Klenty allows users to use insights and data for finalizing the mering using data-driven strategies. It is easier to automate, unsubscribe, out-of-office replies, and handle bounces automatically.


It has become easier to build backlinks using AI-powered tools and a sales outreach platform, Postaga. It has become an all-in-one outreach platform through which users can set up personalized outreach campaigns. The aim is to ensure that emails are not sounding spammy but are more personal.

It helps connect with the right people instantly and in a friendly way. The Postaga CRM enables managing outreach, opening new opportunities, and improving efforts quickly. It is easier to generate effective outreach campaigns using Artificial Intelligence.

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The autopilot features allow automatic follow-up and outreach to understand the responses rate. The outreach campaign types are:

  • Sales Gen Outreach
  • Skyscraper
  • Reviews
  • Guest Post
  • Podcasts
  • Mention
  • Vs.
  • Custom CSV
  • Expertise
  • Roundups
  • Resource
  • Tools

It analyzes the high-converting campaigns ideas that are working and vice versa to come to an informed decision. This AI-powered tool helps target better opportunities and find the right bloggers, websites, businesses, podcasters, etc., via Twitter handles, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles.


lemlist is an outreach automation and email software tool that help in getting replies with interactive conversations. The tool allows automated follow-ups, personalized code emails, engaging with several channels.

It will enable custom intro lines, call-to-actions, company logos, automatic screenshots, and dynamic landing pages. The tool helps gain more business opportunities with automated follow-ups and sales engagement, allowing custom tasks, cold calls, social selling, dial prospects, etc.

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Mailshake is the sales outreach platform that works on autopilot, helping convert cold prospects to leads. It works on automated prospecting outreach via phone, social, and emails that connect easily with opportunities.

The tool helps engage prospects, send cold emails, and manage the mails in one format. It includes split testing, lead catcher, phone dialer, and social outreach.

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The users can start with filling up the consistent leads on CRM to connect with them at once, incorporate social media with the tool to power through calls and email outreach sequences. Keep track of lead generation while tracking clicks, opens, and replies on emails.


Outreach is a famous sales engagement platform that helps fuel the revenue goals of companies. The tool is an intelligence platform that helps manage workflow, navigate the complex process, and instantly gain actionable insights.

The users can quickly build pipelines to orchestrate sales activities, accelerate deals while obtaining deep insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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It uses AI assistance for advanced automation and real-life coaching for customer interaction. The tool can work on forecasting the data in a better way to obtain insight into customers and obtain clarity with a pipeline. It manages the goals and ensures lead generation delivers a transparent and collaborative buying experience.


Woodpecker is an intuitive email tool for multichannel outreach that works on a unique algorithm. The tool allows users to adjust the parameters of emails before sending, verifying email addresses, ensuring to send emails in the prospect’s inbox, and sending emails or follow-ups automatically.

It is easier to integrate Woodpecker with other tools like the hunter, LinkedIn, Slack, Sheets, etc. The users can obtain automatic reports to determine the results of campaigns.

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Yesware is the all-in0one sales toolkit and email software that helps outreach campaigns. The tool allows easy email outreach to drive revenue without changing the whole process. It has a robust set of tools that makes it easier for the team to rapidly test the plan, track email outreach activity, and drive better results.

The users can install the tool, integrate it with applications, check the email templates, keep track of email activity, and save the email templates working in the market.

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Conclusion 👈

In the modern world, sales engagement and outreach software are becoming essential with time to maintain records and track campaigns. As a result, users need a feature-rich and user-friendly tool that is easy to integrate with other applications.

Knowing the best lead generation software can also help while boosting sales and business growth.

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