9 Best Company Enrichment APIs Available in 2023

Company enrichment APIs are great for collecting insightful and accurate data and using it to improve your business strategy, understand your customers better, provide tailored offerings, and achieve more business success.

Data enrichment is a useful part of the sales stack, which helps in increasing the volume of the sales outreach. 

It helps you make better decisions and gather prospects so you can effectively personalize the outreach and enhance your chances of closing new deals and starting new conversations.

This way, brands can understand customers’ lifestyles better by incorporating data from third-party databases. And marketers can customize how they interact with customers, build fruitful customer records, and use the techniques to boost conversions and engagements.

Let’s understand what company enrichment is all about and how it can help your business. 

What is a Company Enrichment API?

9 Best Company Enrichment APIs Available in 2023

Before explaining the whole thing, let me introduce you to what “enrichment” means here. Enrichment is referred to as a process of enhancing the value or quality of something. 

When we use the term “Company Enrichment”, it is nothing but increasing the quality of a business by enhancing its engagement and conversions by adding more information from a third party. 

So, a company enrichment API will aggregate data from the database with a secured connection after making an API call. You can enrich your database, applications, and systems with this data and update millions of records with customizable data points, such as technographic, leadership team data, social media, firmographic, and many more. 

Why is Company Enrichment API Important?

Data is the most important asset in today’s businesses. Having valuable and precise data can strengthen your business in different aspects, like:

  • Improve customer experiences by helping you understand customers’ needs
  • Deeper insights empower your employees to answer questions confidently

This way, you can grow more in any country, state, or region you want by understanding customers’ behavior over time. Using a decent company enrichment API, businesses can collect data and utilize it to tailor their products and services according to their customers’ needs. Let’s understand this in detail.

Improves Data Accuracy

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Company enrichment API plays a vital role in collecting accurate data from different sources. If a company makes some changes to its data, API immediately updates its database. By using this API, you can eliminate the manual hard work of collecting data from different sources and save time as well. 

Just make an API call using your personal API key and get the response in JSON format quickly. This precise and valuable data will help you while building a better company profile. 

Targets Customers

When the data is up-to-date and accurate, companies can customize their marketing campaigns easily. Company enrichment APIs allow you to segment information based on the users.

You can collect data on customer behavior from other regions and set up your services according to their needs. Targeting your potential customers will help you grow quickly with more engagement and conversions.  

Enhances Customers’ Experiences

When you have sufficient data on a target market, you can make advertisements customized as per your customer’s expectations. From messaging to emails and ads, personalization will offer a better user experience and boost customer engagement. You can also provide better products and services to your customers and attract them more.

Use cases of Company Enrichment APIs

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Company enrichment API has many uses in companies, especially B2B or B2C marketing firms such as web scraping, competitor analysis, business research, and more. Let’s see how you can use company enrichment APIs.

  • Identifying the ideal customers
  • Segmenting and structuring the marketing data
  • Diffusing the data into different tools
  • Personalization
  • Creating a lead scoring system
  • Shortening Lead generation forms
  • Removing form fields after identifying the fields that send people away
  • Monitoring business signals
  • Reviving lost leads

Now, you have a clear idea about company enrichment API and how they really help many businesses to grow. Let’s start with the API solutions and know the features and benefits of these tools. 

Abstract API

Enrich any email or domain with precise company data, including location, industry, and headcount with Abstract API. It provides an ultra-fast REST API so that you will get an immediate response without much effort. 

9 Best Company Enrichment APIs Available in 2023

Abstract API is built with multiple libraries, tutorials, and excellent documentation to get you started instantly. Over 10,000 developers trust Abstract as its API is built for use at lightning-fast speed and scale. Thus, you will get profitable fundamental features for the enrichment of your company. 

Get excellent support and reliable uptime that will help you further to get you live quickly, resolve all the issues, and keep you running. No matter what you are building and where you are, Abstract API works everywhere. It allows you to improve your onboarding, sales, and other processes. 

Abstract’s company enrichment API works with multiple sources to offer an accurate and deep insight into companies, such as the number of employees, office locations, industry, and more. For non-technical users, Abstract API uploads the data via CSV, which you can use for understanding data quality. 

It covers various companies across 175+ countries in order to provide detailed data so that you can always win and expand your current business. The company enrichment API captures the evolving changes and shows you correct data every time you make an API call. This way, you can be on top of your competitors and customers with trustworthy data. 

Secure your sent and processed data with 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) for free and get 100 requests. Its price starts at $9/month if you want to use it commercially and comes with 50 requests/second.


Capture a full view of your market in real-time, in the workflows and systems to drive your company to grow faster than before. ZoomInfo allows you to collect efficient and accurate data by using its API and make smarter decisions. 

Get your company enrichment data by accessing multiple vendor sources for better data quality. You can customize the available data to support the business applications. With ZoomInfo company enrichment API, you can keep your marketing automation and CRM accurate and up-to-date. 

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Get valuable insights into database health through embedded reports and metrics. Zoominfo supports all the niche and large data from over 60 sources through a rules-based and flexible company enrichment recipe.

You will get a codeless and intuitive interface to make the data ready for true action with deduplication, segmentation, normalization, standardization, leads-to-accounts mapping, transformations, and more via rules-based data orchestration. 

Ready to own market? Take a free trial now and experience its usability for your business. Provide your email id and get the perfect price quote according to your needs. 

People Data Labs

Get instant access to the records from People Data Labs’ company dataset and use the data you need to enrich your company. You will find valuable and accurate data using the information you have.

Achieve more success in your business and grow across many countries with detailed data. You can generate on-demand information with the customization and targeted leads to focus on your outbound campaigns. Discover hard-to-find data and talent for even the most crucial niche roles. 

Investment research is a much-needed step in every business to grow. Uncovering actionable insights and sourcing new opportunities using the API will help you optimize industry-leading data and labor.

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People Data Labs API helps enhance your strategic decision-making capability with competitive intelligence. It will help you understand the market size and market model to target customer profiles by letting you curate demographic populations. 

The company enrichment API is built by developers for developers, which allows you to use any data points to look up, such as a website, name, social profile, ticker, location, and more. It finds the best result for you from the dataset based on the inputs. 

If you don’t know to code, you can use the integrations to connect data into the workflows to get the work done in no time. This is the right time for choosing a solution. Start using the API for free with your free API key. 


Experience the best use of Clearbit API that develops, completes, and corrects the records to provide you with real-time enrichment for your company. Get the context you need on every contact, account, and lead to convert the best opportunities with the perfect action.

Allow your team to have complete data with Clearbit Enrichment API right at their fingertips. Power accurate routing and lead scoring, reports, and rich customer segmentation. Get more than 100 B2B attributes from over 250 data sources and many data points. 

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The moment any company changes its data, Clearbit refreshes the records immediately and automatically so that you won’t get the wrong data. It improves constantly due to highly-trained QA and machine learning. Now, getting data on location, revenue, contact information, employee count, etc., is easy and effortless with Clearbit. 

Stop wasting time gathering data manually, aligning your market teams, and making standard decisions. Clearbit is built with modern webhooks and powerful APIs that allow you to integrate your ongoing tools to deliver the data you need at the right point in time. 

Power your workflows, insights, and go-to-market motions across the customer lifecycle for smarter growth. You can convert your qualified website visitors and never lose a high-value lead from now. Clearbit lets you create precise targeting to drive more conversions and engagements. 

Pricing is completely dependent upon monthly web traffic, database size, growth, and total ad spend. You will get a flexible pricing model, so, request the demo today and start using it from the next moment. 


Enrich your company with Lusha’s enrichment API that makes it easy for you to connect with any system, app, or database with contact and company information. Getting started with Lusha is effortless as it follows only three steps:

  • You need to contact Lusha’s sales and allow experts to help you get started instantly 
  • Select what you want to enrich, whether with Lusha’s company API, person API, or both.
  • Allow your developers to set up the API so that you will get regularly updated and clean data.
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Collect accurate contact data, including email addresses, direct dials, and more to enrich your company. Update your company’s system with a rich company profile that includes details, such as industry, website, techno graphics, company size, and name. 

Start querying from the vast dataset and enrich your company profile and get data based on domain, email, or company name. All the requests are made over SSL, which means your incoming and outgoing data are secured. 

Instantly connect with the leads for free with 5 credits per month. Try Lusha’s professional plan starting at $276/user/year.


Since data is the most important and valuable asset, you need a proper API that gives you accurate and standardized data in no time so that you can enrich your company. Experian’s data enrichment API improves the raw data in order to give you extra out-of-every interaction. 

Experian verifies every detail, including name, phone number, email address, and address to ensure you will get the right information every time. Create personalized messaging and resonate with your audience with a complete and accurate customer profile. 

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Enrich the contact data with third-party information, such as demographic, behavioral data, and life events. More than 69% of companies across the globe are getting their investment return due to the quality of data.

Always ensure relevant, personalized, and contextual messaging and improve marketing return. You can enhance your website conversion by streamlining lead follow-up. It will help you build powerful profiles for prospecting efforts and optimized engagement. 

Experian’s API is an efficient and lightweight web service and you will get the service with maximum efficiency and protection. You need to set it up with lesser formatting and customize your company rules to build a robust and clear profile.


Companda’s company enrichment API is a smart lead filter that lets you create an accurate and simple profile of your leads, score them, and segment them based on the domain. The data processing takes place under compliance; and hence, it is safe to use. 

Companda’s enrich knows the best leads and helps you take the guesswork out of the conversions. Create a better experience by letting Companda shorten the forms down to a single field or pre-fill data. 

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Direct your new leads to the most qualified sales repository. Append data to existing and new records in third-party solutions, such as DMPs or CRMs. As soon your leads opt-in, segment and score them based on technology, revenue, industry, and other data points. 

Improve your marketing performance, lead generation, and personalize customer experiences with Companda company enrichment API and stay on top of your competitors. Fill up the form and see what Companda can do for you. 


Get the most precise content classification API for your company enrichment with Klazify. From website logos and categorization to company data, you will get much more with the all-in-one data source.  

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Klazify’s API offers only accurate results along with 385 topic categories. It is based on the IAB V2 standard that can be used for 1-1 personalization, online filtering, marketing segmentation, and more. With a single API call, you will find the up-to-date logo of a company, URL, and IP address. 

You will get results in real-time even for the most obscure and newest brands with just a single API call. Klazify offers top-level category structures from which you can choose. Whether you need a simple category structure or deep categorization by the IAB taxonomy, Klazify got your back. 

The company enrichment API uses a machine learning engine that is very useful to scan meta tags and website content. Klazify’s API extracts text to assign three categories and classify the site aided by natural language processing. 

Take a test drive of Klazify’s website categorization API to enrich your company with useful data. Just send an IP address or website URL and get the instant JSON response with the data you need. Make 100 API calls every month for free.

For large companies, it comes with 10,000 API calls per month at $89/month. Get the API key now and start collecting the required data. 

ProspectWith API

Take the advantage of ProspectWith API and design your own sales machine for your growing team. Search from 15 million companies in specific industries based on the technology and location. 

By using over 50 data points, you can retrieve the profile with useful and accurate data about a company. Also, retrieve email patterns that are used by more than 400 million companies worldwide and collect all the lists of companies, prospects, and their data. 

ProspectWith API is built around REST that has a predictable resource-oriented URL that accepts only form-encoded request bodies. This API returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP codes, verbs, and authentication. 

1691826755 839 9 Best Company Enrichment APIs Available in 2023

You will get an API token that carries many privileges. Calls over plain HTTP and API requests without proper authentication may fail but ProspectWith API gets you exact updated information at the right time. It helps you create a powerful search query by combining ProspectWITH conditions. 

Find the company’s details by its name, URL, IP address, location, etc., and manage your prospects and companies with the lists you get from the API. By getting information according to the location of a company, you can expand your business. 

Get ProspectWith API for free or choose a plan starting at $95/monthly to get 100,000 companies, 10,000 prospects, and 25,000 API credits every month. If you bill annually, you will get extra two months for free. 


Company enrichment with valuable and accurate data is a part of the product sales process. The more precise information you have, the more effectively you can segment the list and personalize the emails and messages. It increases the chances of higher engagement and conversions. 

Using a company enrichment API will cut out your manual data enrichment process and provide you with quality data and saves your effort. It also helps you understand your ideal customers and make an API call to get all the useful data and enhance your workflow, save time, and focus on conversions. 

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