8 Best Home Security System for Better Protection

As technology and the world advance, there’s also a high chance that criminals get smarter and smarter.

And to combat that, you need to utilize the best possible home security system that is available because there should be NO compromise in this area. Though there might be times that you’d think that it’s easy to get away without having proper home protection in place, that’s not always the case, and it’s not even worth taking any risk.

With the kind of devices we have today, thanks to the latest technology, it’s not that difficult to be in a safe spot and be secured from the criminals out there. You can literally automate your home security and sit back, knowing you and your family are well-protected.

Before I introduce you to the list of the best home security systems, here are some of the many benefits of using one (apart from the obvious fact that it prevents crime). 😎

Lowers your insurance cost

Though you’ll be paying an added amount to your home security system, it can cut down on your insurance cost by up to 20%. Insurance agencies usually give discounts to members who have home security in place, so this becomes a great deal that you should grab with both hands.

Helps you keep a watch on your kids

No matter if you’re at home or not, you can easily keep a watch on your kids with the help of security cameras installed. Just open the mobile app provided with the home security system and get a close look at what your kids are up to and who they’re inviting over to the house.

Gives you total peace of mind

There’s no better feeling than the feeling of being safe in your own house. You can sleep and live peacefully, knowing that there’s a system in place to protect you and your family by keeping you on top of crimes.

With that being said, let’s jump into the list.

Brinks Home Security

Ranked #1 in 2019 by J.D Power in terms of home security satisfaction study, Brinks Home Security delivers a security system specifically tailored for your home and requirement. You can either install it yourself using the easy instructions or have one of their experts do it for you in a quick time.

One of the most preferred products is Smart Security Complete, in which you get 2 motion sensors, an indoor camera with night vision, 3 wireless door sensors, yard signs, and stickers.

It comes with a brilliant control panel from which you can monitor and access a lot of stuff, such as your AI smart home devices.  The smartphone app allows you to control locks, cameras, lights, thermostats, and other aspects. You can also talk to visitors and receive instant alerts to be notified of anything notorious.

In general, all of Brinks Home Security products come with expert monitoring so that you don’t have to tackle things alone. Whenever a concerning alarm goes off, the expert team will be right with you to help combat it.

Another essential thing to mention is that, whenever you shift houses, you can easily take the system with you and have one of the professional installs it again, or do it yourself if you wish to.

You can try this service risk-free for 30 days and then decide if it’s right for you, so it’s a win-win situation.


You can equip your entire house with Ring’s security products, ranging from video doorbell to alarm and what not. They’re one of the most popular home security choices out there, and you can hardly go wrong with them. That’s the reason I reviewed some of their products recently, which you might want to check out.

They have various products, but today I want to talk about two of my favorite ones – Ring Alarm and Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

For the Ring Alarm, you can choose between 5, 8, and 14 piece kits, depending upon how big your home is or how wide you want to spread the alarm system. It comes with a base station, contact sensor, keypad, motion detector, and range detector.

All these help you easily monitor your indoor activities, and you’ll be instantly notified on your mobile app whenever any motion is detected. If you wish to extend the security to outdoor properly, you can do that by picking the video doorbell extension and it.

However, if you separately want a doorbell, their Video Doorbell 3 Plus is an amazing choice.

It has a crisp 1080p HD quality video camera and advanced motion detection that’ll allow you to look through who’s at the door without having to open it. You can also speak with visitors directly through your preferred device (phone, PC, & tablet).

There’s so much more to it, and you can even sync different Ring devices to enhance the functionality. I highly recommend checking Ring’s line of products out!


With brilliant video quality even at night, Google’s Nest Hello Video Doorbell shows you everything at your doorstep, whether it’s the package lying on the ground or people of any height. You can stream the live coverage all day round the clock and even see a 3-hour snapshot history to make sure you didn’t miss anything noteworthy outside your house while you didn’t pay attention.

Once a visitor arrives at your door, you can choose to have a crisp and clear two-way conversation with them, all thanks to the noise & echo cancellation feature. Alternatively, if you’re not able to answer for some reason, you can utilize pre-recorded messages to save time and effort.

All of your recorded videos are stored safely with the help of AES 128-bit encryption along with two-step verification. That assures you of how safe your information is with this amazing service.

Nest Hello also has a subscription called Nest Aware that alerts you whenever a package is delivered to your place or if somebody picks it up. Pretty handy and useful, in my opinion, so you can consider subscribing to that along with the purchase of the video doorbell.


SimpliSafe goes a unique way to provide home security solutions to its customers. It lets you build your own security system and pick up pre-assembled ones, depending upon your requirement.

By building your own system, you’ll have the base station and keypad necessarily included, but you can then go on to add your own choice of sensors, detectors, extra keypad, siren, and so much more. It just cannot get any more relevant to your house than this. You tailor your own system as per what your house demands.

Talking about pre-made systems, they have many options, but what caught my eye the most is The Essentials package. It’s the perfect solution for you if you’re not sure what’s best suited for your house. It covers the essential security areas, and you get a motion sensor and 3 entry sensors apart from the necessary wireless keypad and base station.

Everything that you purchase from Simplisafe is completely DIY so that you can install them yourself. However, if you need a bit of professional help, you can ask for that too, and they’ll be right at your door to get the work done for you.


Another awe-inspiring home security company, Arlo, offers super-long battery life solutions and can withstand any weather conditions. You can pick from a wide range of products according to your needs, and interestingly, you can grab a 25% off on all products if you qualify for the ID.me verification.

All of their products are feature-rich, including the Wireless Home Security Camera System. You get the option to choose the number of cameras you’d need, and you can pair the system with Amazon Alexa for easy voice control.

The motion-activated cameras can be mounted indoors/outdoors and come with night vision for a better view of when it’s dark. It notifies you instantly whenever motion is detected. Mind you; it has smart detection that allows you to detect only selected elements, such as people and specific zones.

There’s so much more that I haven’t discussed here, so it’s a wise step to go and check out all of their offerings to grab the one you think is the most appropriate for your house.


From cameras and video doorbells to full security kits, Eufy can literally make you spoilt for choices while selecting their products. It has many options for different purposes, and you can be assured that each of its products is super-easy to install. They’re also highly customizable, and you can enjoy 100% post-sales service.

Talking about one of their many offerings, EufyCam 2C is a brilliant cam kit that works as a home security system. You can choose from 2 and 3 number of cameras, and as well as an add-on camera if you’d like to supercharge things a bit more.

It has a night vision 1080p HD video and humongous 180-day battery life for interruption-free security on one charge. Overall, Eufy provides the needed peace of mind worth every single penny you invest in it. It’s DIY in nature and requires very minimal maintenance.


Mentioned on some big sites like Forbes, Fox, and Time, Canary’s products come with a lot of personalization and customizations, which help you set it up according to your needs.

Canary View, being one of their most popular picks, is stylish-looking and allows you to monitor your indoors with the help of crisp audio and 1080p HD video that has night vision as well.

You can place it anywhere inside your house and plug it in before connecting it to the Wi-Fi to experience effortless security along with AI capabilities.

As for all Canary products, you can be notified as soon as it detects motion, and the great thing is, it captures a thumbnail of the motion so that you can easily distinguish between family and strangers. Another amazing feature is the ability to sound the siren or call the police right from the app in case of emergencies.


A brilliant system, FrontPoint is currently running an offer that gives you an indoor camera for free along with the purchase of one of their home security packages. One good example is their Starter Pack, which is the lowest in their price range but still is pretty effective for house owners that are just starting to get their feet wet in home security.

It comes with a FrontPoint hub, keyboard, door/window sensor, motion sensor, yard sign, door stickers, and window decals. You can monitor it from your smartphone app, enable voice control, and enjoy 24/7 security.

There’s so much more to it, but as a whole, each of Front Point products come with some of the most impressive features you could think of, such as:

  • Crash and Smash technology to withstand any nasty smashes by bad people.
  • Ever-working security no matter how cold, hot, or destructive it is outside
  • Instant assistance from operators in case of emergencies
  • Smart technology that learns your normal routine and alerts you when it’s not in order
  • Eliminate fake alarms by easily identifying if it’s your pet on the radar
  • Automatic checks of the entire system every hour to make sure everything is working fine

You won’t need any drilling, complicated manuals, or installation appointments to set it up. Everything comes ready to go and can be running in mere minutes.


If you’ve made it this far, you might feel a little overwhelmed with all these great home security system options. However, be assured that each one of them is great in their own way, and you won’t regret picking any of them. Just bring your requirements on the front, and you’ll have a clear winner easily. 🙂

Next, explore smart personal safety devices and these door alarm sensors to ensure safety for your homes.

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