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Nowadays, young people’s perception of IT jobs has changed compared to the past.  They are looking for an extraordinary career than regular streams. Across the globe, many young graduates and students are searching for jobs that do not just satisfy them but also are looking for high-paying and consistent growth-oriented roles.

Especially in emerging countries, the job market is going to experience decent growth in the field of the IT sector where automotive takes the lion’s share. There are a lot of well-paying career options available, and here we are going to discuss the list of growth-oriented technologies.

“These salary metrics are mentioned with the reference of LinkedIn  ”

Tableau Certification

Tableau is one of the most valued business intelligence tools that permits you to make quick decisions, and it glows as a data visualization tool, it reduces the time duration for representing bar charts, pie charts, etc.

Tableau is made to perform and offers visual analytics very quickly. Tableau has three product variants: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Digital. If you want to start your career in Business Intelligence, then choosing Tableau Certification is more advantageous to your career.

  • Average Base Salary: $10,000+

Required Skills: Skills needed in Structured Query Languages, analytical skills, the knowledge required in system software, Need experience in Data Architecture and Microstrategy, and Effective oral and written skills.

Sounds interesting to learn Tableau? Check out this Udemy course.

Data Scientist

The data scientist is a professional who performs analytics on various streams such as statistics, programming, and mathematics. All these things have made Data scientists manage all data-related activities very effectively. Companies are recruiting Data scientist’s to forecast the trends, growth rate, and business insights by analyzing the data.

The Data scientist job has huge demand all over the world. A Linkedin report in 2018 declared that data scientist jobs would witness a 45% growth rate per annum. A data scientist should possess strong skills in Python programming language.

  • Average Base Salary: $130,000+

Required skills: Python, Machine learning, Data mining, Data Science, and Data analysis.


Devops became known as a movement, method, and toolset. In some areas, others dispute that DevOps is dysfunctional to its aims. Choosing DevOps as a career path is not just more profitable but also one of the greatest personally gratifying among the many right career branches of the IT sector.

As per 2018, Indeed’s record, the role of DevOps engineer is placed in the third position regarding the number of job openings, salary, and opportunities. In 2019 DevOps will become a most demanded course in the market because these roles are significant for the companies to head to the next level. Companies that have DevOps engineers in their organizations are getting great results when compared to other companies.

To succeed in this field, an individual must be well organized and prepared.

  • Average Base Salary: $80,000+

Required skills: Scripting, Security, Collaboration, Infrastructure Knowledge, and  Decision-making.

Nowadays, automation is entering everywhere, to get a better let’s talk about sci-fi movies in which Robots take over the world, and we enjoy the drama. But the present pace of automation is penetrating every field. In manufacturing, robots have been wholly occupied and eradicated human needs. With the massive hit of RPA, most of the labor categories are effectuated.

We may see more opportunities for RPA Tools. RPA has a massive demand in the market, and it is a perfect time to choose your career in the most emerging technology, i.e., RPA. Several roles are available in RPA, like Architect, Developer, Process – consultant, and RPA – VP.  Now RPA Consultant has a considerable demand. Apart from RPA Consultant, RPA developer also has more job openings.

  • Average Base Salary: $130,000+

Required skills: Dot Net, good at any one of automation tools like Automation Anywhere, Pega robotics, Blue prism.


Python was one of the fast-growing and more demanding programming languages in 2019. It has significantly overtaken the other programming languages in community base active developers. Python is one of the most rapidly sailed languages for young graduates looking for entry-level jobs.

Python certification is one of the desired skills in the entire programming world.  Python language is simple and easy to learn, with its easy syntax and completion feature, it minimizes the development time, and also it has a lot of libraries that support visualization, data analysis, and manipulation.

  • Average Base Salary: $110,000+

Required skills: Web frameworks, Core python, Developing and using RESTful APIs, Building Python applications, and Good design skills.


In 2019, cloud computing was one of the most emerging technology globally. In recent years mostly all level of companies is soaring their businesses into the cloud. In the cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services is widely popular, and it is offered by Amazon.

The AWS portfolio includes 100+ cloud services are infrastructure management, application development, database, and security. In 2013 AWS launched AWS Certification. It has a massive demand in the global market around the world accepted as AWS Certification is a global standard certification that converts your cloud computing skills to the next level.

If you want to start your career in the AWS cloud, then AWS certification will be an added advantage for you and help in following job roles.

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • Operational Support Engineer
  • System Integrator — Cloud
  • Senior Solutions Architect
  • Senior AWS Cloud Architects

Required skills: Cloud computing, EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, Networking, Storage, etc.

  • Average Base Salary: $90,000+

Artificial Intelligence

The whole world is talking about artificial intelligence because of its innovativeness. Most companies invest in AI to solve complex issues and achieve the desired results.  Artificial Intelligence’s scope will increase by 60% in 2019.

While analyzing the existing AI capabilities and AI establishment survey gives excellent results on adopting AI. It has been used in different sectors like education, finance, transportation, medicine, etc.

There is a misconception about Artificial intelligence that it will take away the jobs humans perform. Still, things will appear to be entirely different when we look from a broad perspective. The AI is beings by eliminating the non-creative and complicated jobs to create job roles where human intelligence and creativity are required.  However, youngsters aspiring to build careers in Robotic scientist, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, and Business Intelligence Developer. Then AI will be more helpful for you.

  • Average Base Salary: $134,000+

Required Skills: Proficiency with popular programming languages like Java,  Python, Lisp, Julia, etc. Physics, Mathematics, and Robotics.


The companies are moving fast enough to adopt technologies that are new, innovative, and can have the capability to take their business to the next level. To implement and execute all these functions in their organizations, they need professionals who possess the skill set to perform all these tasks. Above mentioned Job roles are best suitable for those who wish to excel in their career in future-oriented technologies.

How do you learn new technologies?

Thanks to online learning platforms such as Udemy, and Coursera, you can find thousands of courses.

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