6 Drupal Security Scanner to Find Vulnerabilities

Drupal vulnerability scanners help to audit website security to prevent malicious threats such as phishing attempts, cyberattacks, etc.

Importance of Drupal Security

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that is widely utilized across various industries for building websites. Drupal platform has many plugins, themes, and modules that can be used to build user-friendly and secure websites.

With over 1.3 million websites, Drupal market share is more than 3.4%, which is more than enough to attract a hacker to launch cyber-attacks. Drupal powers 1.3% of the top ten million websites and 15% of the top 12,000 websites, from private blogs to large enterprises or governmental websites.

Due to its popularity, the Drupal platform and its architecture have always been hackers’ targets to find security loopholes and inject malicious activities.

Drupal is used by some of the world’s renowned companies:

One of the critical elements in cyberattack prevention is keeping the platform updated with the latest security patches and upgrades. Even third-party plugins or modules need to be updated to minimize potential security vulnerabilities and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

The security team at Drupal is always in search of locating security flaws and releasing respective updates and patches to fix these loopholes.

Web administrators and site owners also need to be proactive in safeguarding their Drupal installations by implementing secure configurations and keeping up the platform updated with the latest security patches.

This post will discuss the best security scanners for the Drupal platform to find vulnerabilities and prevent cyberattacks.

If you are using Drupal for your website and are not sure if it is secure from known vulnerabilities, doesn’t expose sensitive information, has misconfiguration, etc., then the following tools will help you.

Pentest-tools Drupal security scanner is a robust tool used to identify potential security flaws with Drupal websites. It aids administrators in scanning and locating potential vulnerabilities in the plugins, configurations, and core files of Drupal.

The scanner finds known and undiscovered vulnerabilities, enabling administrators to assess and identify potential threats swiftly.

Administrators can simply analyze the evaluation and take appropriate action as the scanner is simple to use and offers thorough reports of the results. Its comprehensive report highlights risks and relevant changes in addition to Drupal configuration problems.

The scanner is continually updated with new checks to keep it current with security updates, guaranteeing that it can always detect the most recent security risks.

Additionally, it scans out-of-date Drupal versions, installation files, themes, modules, login information, and more. The scanner also offers customized reports created to meet a website’s specific requirements.

It employs advanced techniques to search for flaws like Drupal configuration errors and substandard server settings and notifies the admin if it finds anything potentially harmful. It is a paid scanner.

SUCURI Drupal Security

SUCURI is a leading security solutions provider that has developed a Drupal Security stack which is an end-to-end comprehensive security solution for Drupal websites.

It offers several solutions to safeguard your Drupal sites, including website firewalls, malware scanning and removal, and website backups.  

The website traffic is monitored in real-time, and suspicious activities are blocked before it even reaches the website. 

Additionally, its rapid malware scanning and removal service helps identify and fix any breaches within a short period of time, and its backup solutions can ensure that data is not lost in case of a breach.

This comprehensive security solution stack helps to combat online threats to your Drupal site in terms of monitoring, protection, mitigating attacks, removing malware infections, and providing incident response services.


  • Alert engine to watch your website round the clock
  • Prevents SQL injections
  • Prevents DDoS and Brute Force attacks
  • Wide range of infections removals such as backdoors, malicious redirects, Malware injections, and a lot more

It’s online protection, so there is no need for any software installation and maintenance. The SUCURI site also provides a free online SiteCheck scanner for your website to scan for malware, viruses, website errors, malicious code, etc.

Astra Drupal Scanner

Astra Drupal Security provides a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing package to help your website defend against hacking attempts, data breaches, and cyber-attacks.

It is a mix of automation and manual testing by security experts to discover all possible loopholes in your website. 

Its solutions help website owners discover and address any potential security risks on their website, and its testing covers all major security standards, including OWASP, SANS, CERT, PCI, ISO27001, etc.

Getastra scans for 1250+ tests for loopholes and delivers a comprehensive report that outlines areas of vulnerabilities while prioritizing them based on their level of importance.

Its centralized dashboard is multidimensional as it helps to communicate developer and Astra’s security engineer directly, can check reports, steps to bug fixing, etc.


  • Static & dynamic code analysis to perform over 1250+ tests
  • Automatic Pentest and Scanning Engine to continuously test your website against the latest exploits
  • Payment Gateway vulnerabilities testing
  • Server Infrastructure testing for existing configurations, data storage, encryption, etc

There could be various susceptibilities on the Drupal site due to outdated scripts, plugins or theme vulnerabilities, outdated third-party integrations, etc., through which Drupal can be prone to cyber-attacks or malware injection.

All such threats are discovered, tested, and repaired by qualified Astra company experts with detailed code analysis, business logic testing, and security assessments.

Astra would do the right job for web admins or owners looking for end-to-end security for their Drupal websites.

Detectify Security Scanner

A primary goal of Detectify is to secure Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. With its automated scanning, possible threats, such as out-of-date plugins and themes, weak passwords, and other widespread vulnerabilities, can be identified.

Because CMS platforms are so widely used, hackers are constantly looking for methods to take advantage of weaknesses to inject malicious code or obtain sensitive data.

To assist in finding and fixing these vulnerabilities, Detectify refreshes the service with fresh vulnerabilities every week to make sure their scan is up to date to mitigate risks in order to safeguard and prevent unauthorized access to the CMS platform.

The platform’s strength enables it to scan over 2000 security tests, including FCKEditor cross-site scripting, Drupalgeddon, Ninja Forms, and many others, and stay secure.

Additionally, their user-friendly platform makes it simple for website owners to comprehend and fix these vulnerabilities at ease, ensuring the security of not just their website but also their client’s confidential information.

It’s simple to sign up for their service, and you may use it for two weeks without charge before switching to a monthly subscription model.

Snyk Website scanner

Snyk is a well-renowned security organization that provides comprehensive security solutions to safeguard code, avoid vulnerable dependencies, develop and secure cloud infrastructure, solutions to mitigate supply chain risk, build and operate applications securely, etc.

Organizations like Google and Anheuser-Busch InBev use their security solutions to secure their products.

Snyk Website scanner is a cloud-native application that offers a free (limited tests/scan) website vulnerability scanner to identify and fix website vulnerabilities.

The scanner monitors the website for security issues, scanning for known and unknown vulnerabilities, outdated server software, and insecure HTTP headers.

This online vulnerability scanners rely on a proprietary vulnerability database for known vulnerabilities or probe for common flaw types to discover unknown vulnerabilities. After detection, it provides a prioritized list of issues with risk flags that can be addressed.


  • Developer friendly that helps to find vulnerabilities early and across the SDLC.
  • Automated and actionable remediation
  • Fixes quickly to reduce exposure
  • Helps admins to take action in terms of prioritization and respective decisions based on data-driven

Snyk’s website scanner is easy to use and provides actionable insights that allow businesses to strengthen their security posture quickly and efficiently. It is free to use for limited scans, and if you need unlimited scans, you can upgrade to its paid version.

HTTPCS Drupal Scanner

HTTPCS by Ziwit is a leading player in Cyber security solutions in Europe. The company Ziwit is a service provider listed on the French government platform cyber malicious, and also it is recognized as a trusted solution by the Spanish national cybersecurity institute.

It offers a complete solution to secure a Drupal website through its cloud-based web interface.

The interface assists in starting with scanning with a few clicks and getting a secure site that complies with ISO 27001-27002 standards and GDPR privacy principles. It provides a report of vulnerability by risk levels that helps to take corrective action quickly to prevent cyberattacks.

It has additional modules, such as Website monitoring and performance analysis, integrity controls to view malicious changes, and Detection of Data Leaks and Threat Intelligence, which ensures around-the-clock and 360-degree protection for your Drupal site.

Final Words

Drupal websites are especially targeted by hackers due to their growing popularity and feature-rich platform. In response to the growing incidents of hacking and cyberattacks, it is essential to prioritize cybersecurity to ensure the safety of your website and its users.

Hope the above-mentioned security tools will help you to get insights into security tools that will protect and prevent your Drupal website.

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