6 Best Winery Software to Manage Your Collection

Be it an occasion to celebrate or a function at your place, popping open a bottle of wine and sharing applause and cheers with your loved ones is the best feeling. 

However, most of us are unaware of the vast collection of wine in the market. This is because wine owners cannot properly spread their products to the world. 

Due to this failure in spreading the wine collection around the world, there is a need for some software that helps in spreading the word and supporting the wineries to reach their consumer base.

Some software help wineries manage their collection, spread the word, and reach a broader base of consumers. Not just this, they may also help establish a social rapport and impress the customers. This article covers information about such tools and the challenges that such software helps overcome. 

Before you directly jump into the topic, there is a term that you may encounter very frequently. Let us understand that first.

What is a Winery?

A winery is a place where the production of wine takes place. You can say that winery is a business where the production of wine occurs. Wine companies may own large wineries along with wine-making pieces of equipment, bottling lines, laboratories, etc. 

Challenges faced by wine business owners and manufacturers

When you put any business, there is a list of challenges that you encounter on the way. These challenges should not deviate us from our paths. They should rather inspire us to do more and better. 

When someone plans to establish and set up a winery, there are some apparent complications they may encounter on the way. A list of all such problems is mentioned below. This will give you a more precise and better idea of the concept. 

Review and proper planning

Winery owners face trouble while managing everyday challenges as they have little time left to manage the structure of their teams and review the accounting controls. Identification and resolution of these issues will improve the efficiency of the business and increase the focus for better assessment of results. 

Improvement of the quality and planning of the volume produced

When wine owners aim to grow and spread their company, they may have trouble analyzing the production quality and volume. Wine owners and managers may need to enhance their strategic planning and aim toward long-term goals.

Moving synchronously with new technology

As technological advances take over, it is imperative to understand that the demand and desires have increased more than the availability. Wine owners break down their strategies according to the size and structure of the company. Adaptive Insights and keeping a check on the company’s overall performance become essential in such a case. 

Keeping a check on finance

For financial security, the owners of wineries need to keep a check on their finance and identify all the resources available at hand. They then need to compare the fees, rate of interest, and other costs that best fit the company’s needs. 

All these points mentioned here are the challenges that winery owners encounter on a daily basis. Many other issues demand redressal. Hence, you must address all these issues with utmost patience while running your own wine business. 

Why do wine business owners need winery software?

Now that we understand their difficulties, the next thing that comes to our mind is the solution! What is the answer to all the complications mentioned above? The companies could get winery software installed over their system. It facilitates the fast and smooth working of wineries and helps establish the beginners. 

The other reasons why you may need winery software are:

  • Tracking the production level and progress of your winery
  • Management of sales
  • Management of inventory
  • For the management of client relationship
  • To keep a check on the accounting needs
  • For proper employee management

A long list of winery software is available in the market. Many of these may match your need criteria, while others will not have the features you are looking for. A closer look at the facilities and the vision and usage of these apps may prove to be very useful to all.

Here, we will mention 6 of the best winery software you may get for yourself if you are an owner or a manager at a winery. 

Wine Direct

Wine Direct aims to provide DTC solutions for wineries of variable shapes and sizes. It will provide you with everything you need to start, grow, and manage your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business.

At Wine Direct, you may get access to increased sales, accuracy, and ample data storage. They help enhance the tasting rooms and help wineries spread across various online platforms. They use technology in a way no one can imagine and help other wineries save money and time. Wine Direct also offers solutions for different enterprise clients.

When people place an order from your winery, they wish to be entitled to free shipping, accuracy, and an easy-to-understand interface. The software of Wine Direct is designed in such a way that it fulfills all the criteria and meeting with the expectations of the people. 


You can use the Wine Direct app to grow your winery and establish a good rapport with your customers.

Great Vines

Great Vines provides users’ data visibility along with an actionable roadmap. They offer enterprise-level sales. You can use these sales to transform your transactional data into intelligence that may prove an efficient and effective solution for trades and sales. 

Great Vines has solutions for everyone, be it a supplier, a distributor, or a promotional agency. The technology at Great Vines fits perfectly with the beverage and profitable industries.


  • Sales execution analytics
  • Industry-Specific CRM
  • Retail Surveys and Scoring
  • Sales Goal Management
  • National Account Management
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Customizable Product Finder Maps
  • Supplier-Distributor Data Integration
  • Supplier-Distributor Relationship Management

They provide a four-step process that may help you achieve success. The steps are:

  • Creation of goals
  • On-field execution
  • Measuring the activities
  • Present actionable insights.

The result of these four steps is a pathway for your sure shot success. 

At Great Vines, you may find the usage of accurate sales methodology. This methodology solves all the challenges you may commonly encounter while managing sales. These challenges may include order commitment, sales rep turnover, trade promotions, shelf position, etc.


The primary purpose behind the establishment of InnoVint was to assist winemakers across the globe. InnoVint serves wineries and custom crush providers of every size. The platform InnoVint is cloud-based and offers ways to track the inventory, analyze the production process, keep records, maintain forecasts, etc.  

The primary purpose behind the establishment and introduction of InnoVint is to help wineries at every step till they establish their vineyards, cellars, and labs. It also helps in the digitalization of input and storage. 

The inventory management tools of InnoVint provide you with an option that will enable the user to track the vessels, legs, and lots by scanning various QR codes. You can scan the QR code to gather information such as the alcohol content, capacity, notes, and pH levels related to the product. 


  • Advanced vineyard tracking
  • Integration of ETS laboratory
  • Additive tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Custom crush permissions

The software is supported on Android, iOS, and the web. You can take the free trial and then purchase the InnoVint version that you like. InnoVint helps build your winery sales and take your business to the next level. 


eCellar is a customer-centric service that provides you with a memorable, connecting, and engaging service. Their all-in-one web-based platform provides accessible services such as a tasting room and other online services. 


  • True CRM
  • Wine club
  • Point of sale
  • General and Allocation store
  • Inventory, Campaign, Reservation, and Payment Gateway manager
  • Designer widgets
  • Open API
  • Reporting

You can skip using multiple systems and work on a single platform to manage all your tasks and work. Using eCellar, you also get live assistance and online help as and when required. 


Ekos software is designed for craft makers. It helps them streamline their inventories, production, sales, and accounting management.

You can first take a personalized demo of the Ekos app, take a guided tour of the specific product, and even get in touch with the team whenever the need arises. 


  • Improvement of margins
  • Increasing sales
  • Simplify TTB reporting
  • Discovery of insights
  • Elimination of double entry
  • A way to never run out of supplies.

Ekos entitles you with facilities using which you can make more wine and hence generate more revenue. The process of management of a winery is streamlined. This saves you a lot of time and, in turn, helps grow your business. You get a chance for end-to-end winery management. This means that a single system controls multiple functions, but your tasks are accomplished relatively smoothly. 

You can:

  • Scale your winery as it grows.
  • Track every single step, from the intake of grapes to the sale of the finished product.
  • You can engage multiple users. The Ekos software contains functions for every single employee. 

Not just this, you can also discover real-time insights about your winery, such as:

  • Real-time visibility of operations
  • Integration with your accounting software
  • Knowledge about the cost of goods sold

Ekos also helps in the introduction of efficiencies in your winery through digital management of your data. It also includes pre-populated TTB reports, software that allows you to access information about your winery from anywhere, and improved communication between the two departments.


Commerce7 provides the right tools to the winery so that they can deliver an exceptional customer experience at every single step. The platform helps create a better shopping experience for wineries so they can impress their customers. 

Agendas of Commerce7

  • Different tax types for wineries
  • Compliance requirements for beverage and alcohol suppliers.
  • Recent regulation updates for DTC fulfillment, licenses, and tax
  • The role of age verification in alcohol compliance.
  • State enforcement updates

Commerce7 provides the right tools to the customer to deliver experiences like never before. So, Commerce7 can be helpful in your winery business in each and every aspect you can think of, so you can definitely give it a try to scale up your wine business!

Conclusion 🍷

With a wide range of features and a plethora of options available all over the internet, it becomes challenging to shortlist and finalize an app that meets our requirements while simultaneously serving the purpose it is meant to. You should compare the features and pricing of every software with one another and then finalize the one that you like the most. 

Careful research and analysis are essential as they will play a pivotal role in the management and buildup of your winery.

If you are interested in wine investing, you may have a look at some of the best Wine Investing Platforms.

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