6 Best Online Learning Platform Affiliate Programs to Join and Make Money

Online courses have taken a front row with time, especially during the pandemic. It has gained popularity for exam preparation, upskilling, reskilling, and reaching career goals. It offers flexibility as one can study from anywhere, at any time.

So, if you have an audience that wants to upskill and boost their career, you can start recommending some platforms that offer several courses. Several online platforms offer classes for everyone, from digital marketing to technology advancement.

One can promote online learning platform affiliate programs that can help you make money. It will also help the creators to connect with the right target audience that wants to grow in their respective fields.

Here are some of the significant online learning platform affiliate programs that one can register and start earning.


Launched in 2012 with just 25 courses, Skillshare has come a long way with over 30,000 classes and millions of students currently.

The word about Skillshare is spreading like wildfire around the internet, so it makes all the sense for you to join in as well and start recommending it to your audience.

As an affiliate, you get paid $7 for every new customer you refer via your unique tracking link. You can either promote standalone classes or their entire homepage, whichever works better for you.

30-day cookie period, real-time tracking, exclusive monthly offers, and monthly payouts are some of the many benefits of this platform’s affiliate program.


One of the strongest line-ups of technology courses, Udacity can help in building essential career-building skills.

You can help your audience get the tech education to advance their careers by becoming an affiliate for this platform. In return, you get creative assets, exclusive offers, and great commissions resulting in an additional stream of income.

Depending upon how good your performance is, you could earn an even bigger commission for each sale if you manage to refer a good amount of students their way.

You can generate daily reports and track your performance via the dashboard. Not to mention, you’ll have a dedicated affiliate team to reach out to in case of any queries.


edX has over 3,000 courses and 300+ programs from 160 institutes like Boston, Harvard, and Berkeley.

Ever since they rolled out their affiliate program, there has been an influx of marketers jumping on it to promote it to their audience, which is quite fair because there aren’t many online sources that provide the kind of courses that edX does.

Similarly, you also sign up as an affiliate and start spreading the word about this excellent platform for decent commissions. You get everything you’d need to get started, such as trackable links, banners, and custom links.


An amazing e-learning platform, Pluralsight offers over 7,500 courses mainly on technology topics like IT, Data, and Cyber Security.

You can become an affiliate for Pluralsight and use their optimized banner ads and other creative assets to start driving sales for commissions up to 50%. The best thing is that you get paid $5 even for free trial sign-ups, which is not at all challenging to convert.

Besides, you get access to their monthly newsletter containing valuable insights and tips, and as well as a free trial to their collection of courses to give you a firsthand experience.


You can earn up to 45% commission by promoting Coursera’s 4,000+ courses and specializations.

If your audience consists of eager students seeking to gain knowledge and develop skills from trusted instructors, Coursera is a great platform to recommend.

Signing up is super easy. You can choose whichever course you’d want to promote and start right away by grabbing custom banners, text links, or your unique format.

Any traffic or sale you send their way can be easily tracked via the dashboard, which will keep you informed about your overall performance.


Udemy is one of the most popular, if not the most popular online learning platform that has courses in over 100 different categories.

Promoting a service like Udemy will help you create possibilities for people around the world by assisting them to learn in-demand skills.

You can use their course-specific links, site-wide links, and custom links, along with tracking assets, to kick-start the promotion and earn a competitive commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to special discounts and unique content to help you easily convert those curious visitors into paid customers, making it a win-win situation for you and Udemy.

Conclusion 👈

There are so many courses that can fit all industries perfectly. The bloggers can choose any niche or start promoting them all to earn money. Niche blogging can be a great way to achieve goals and generate leads as well. Start with the above-mentioned online learning platform affiliate programs and see how things go. 👨‍💻

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