5 Best Spam Texts Blocker Apps for Android and iOS

Have you ever received a spam message and then one after another? Then you understand the requirement of spam blockers to avoid any frustration.

Automated messages can disrupt the day with unwanted offers from companies using APIs like cheap mortgages, free gifts, debt relief, etc. However, sometimes malicious links can install viruses on the device, steal data, call a number, or cause other troubles.

Spam messages and Robotexts are taking the front row with junk messages that have increased the demand for spam blocker apps. These are the ideal solution to avoid any unwanted text that can end up doing more harm.

Here are some of the best text spam blocker app to watch out for.


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RoboKiller is a text spam blocker that can block robocalls while eliminating 99% of spam texts and calls. This spam text-blocking app work on predictive blocking technology that analyzes the data and automatically stops the messages. Telemarketers and phone scams can help maintain this app that can waste the scammer’s time in calls.

SMS Shield

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SMS Shield is one of the best spam call blockers for the iPhone that can help in protecting users from ads, SMS spam, and phishing. Users can block the SMSs from specific numbers or operators SMS that can work in offline mode. The iPhone application is based on an offline Machine Learning spam filter that quickly identifies soam messages and Frequent Traveler Mode, Custom Block List, and Automatic Spam Filtering features.

Spam blocker for Android, Block text

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Spam blocker for Android, Block text is an Android SMS spam blocker that is can easily block messages from unknown numbers. It ensures privacy for users while getting rid of unwanted texts. The significant features of this application involved text blocker, email spam blocker, text backup, organized SMS, powerful search, etc. There are premium features for this spam blocker app that block email texts, keyword blocking, group messages, spam deletion, etc.

TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker

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TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker is a spam blocker for iPhone that can help in blocking unwanted messages. This application work in automatically protecting the users from unwanted texts and securing them instantly as junk. It filters out the texts using Machine Learning mechanisms to maintain accuracy. The motive of this TextKiller iPhone application is to provide safety against spam texts, robocalls and maintain privacy.


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Truecaller is a contact verifying application that showcases the contact details to the users. The users can block spam calls and messages or any other unwanted communication. Truecaller analyzes the calls or texts received and marks them accordingly, such as spam or fraud. Users can easily block the contact on their own to avoid interruptions. The application has auto-blockers that make it easy for the users.

Conclusion 📱

Undoubtedly, spam texts can be annoying, but they can be extremely dangerous due to hackable or malicious links. Hence, users need to opt for the best call blockers for iPhone and Android phones that can block messages too.

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