14 Best Tools to Create Great Presentations Online

Whether you are a student or a professional, you need to create presentations at some point or another.

Presentations allow you to explain a concept, share an idea, and convince the audience with the right blend of text and supporting graphics.

It’s an invaluable skill that can help you in many ways, such as pitching your product or service to investors, demonstrating your work to your superiors on a new product, or presenting your assignment at college.

Creating a presentation is no more limited to Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. It’s because modern-age presentation software solutions are available to make presentations engaging and easy to create. They come with useful features and design elements and are super easy to use for everyone.

The software enables people to present their ideas no matter where they are, making their lives easier. This probably explains its growing demand, especially in organizations, to save time and increase productivity. Not to mention, the work-from-home scenario due to the pandemic further accelerated its usage.

Let’s talk more about this tool, and then I’ll introduce you to the best online presentation software for creating beautiful presentations.

What to Look for in An Online Presentation Tool?


Before choosing an online presentation tool, you must look for a few things to ensure you get the right software to suit your needs and get the job done effortlessly.

Easy to use

The presentation tool you choose must be easy to use for all. It must not give a hard time to people and is suitable for everyone with varying technical skills. It’s because you can’t spend hours learning the tool and then invest more hours for creation. This tool aims to make creating a presentation easy and fast without consuming much time.

Therefore, always choose a presentation tool that’s easy to use. Lots of tools nowadays offer free trials, so you can try and decide whether it’s easy to use or not.


A good presentation tool must be feature-rich to support creating your presentations and making them look attractive. It must offer various formats to present and share content that people would love engaging with.

For this, the presentation software must provide lots of stunning templates, videos/audio capability, images, design elements, and other useful media to include in your content. In addition, it must be easy to import or export to other tools and supports multiple file formats.

Furthermore, the software must offer excellent storage capacity; hence cloud-based software is a good option. It will allow you to work on projects wherever and whenever you want with an internet connection.


The presentation software must offer flexibility to help you create the documents based on your unique requirements. You must be able to customize templates, add or remove elements, and make quick changes the way you want with ease.

Collaboration options

With effective teamwork, you can increase your success rates. This is why collaboration is an essential consideration when choosing a presentation tool. It must offer features such as sharing the presentation to the entire team, managing the presentation, and introducing their feedback in real time. It’s also useful for people working remotely.


Your team members could use different devices and operating systems to work. Hence, the presentation software you choose must be compatible across multiple devices to allow people to view or change the documents.


Lastly, choose a presentation tool within your budget. There’s no point investing in software that’s heavily priced and comes with features you don’t require. Strike a good balance between what you need and your budget to decide the best presentation tool for you.

You can also compare different available tools with their offerings and cost to choose the most suitable one. And for this, here is a list of the top 9 presentation tools that you can consider.


Design engaging and powerful slides with Canva’s presentation tool. Whether at school or work, convert your idea into a great design and improve its readability to convey your ideas effectively.

Canva’s presentation software provides hundreds of layouts so that you can get everything you want for your topic.

Select the perfect fonts, colors, and images to explain your idea to your colleagues and friends. It’s easy to get started; just launch Canva in your system and search for presentations to begin creating your design.

14 Best Tools to Create Great Presentations Online

Browse presentation templates in different themes and styles and choose from startup decks, education slides, marketing slides, creative presentations, and more.

You can also upload your logos, photos if any, and some elements you want. Plus, you can add slides in whatever numbers you need and use separate animations for each slide in creative ways to make your text and images look incredible and attractive.

Furthermore, you can add music and videos for an engaging presentation. Try out Canva’s different presentation features, such as presenter mode, standard presentation, or video recording. Save the slides as PDF to export them as .pptx files.


Get an online presentation maker – Visme – for creating engaging presentations with ease. It offers more than 900 slide layouts, millions of icons, graphics, images, and dozens of charts to visualize numbers and data.

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Designers have built Visme’s online presentation maker for everyone with varying technical skills to help them create better presentations for their viewers or audiences. You will get customizable text blocks, photos, icons, data visualization tools, slides, etc., to quickly build fantastic and creative presentations.

Visme’s presentation editor lets you create perfect slides that complement your ideas. In addition, you can incorporate transitions, pop-ups, third-party content like social media and live websites, interactivity, and animation effects. Visme also gives you the Presenter Studio to record the presentation and share with the viewers.

Moreover, you can record video, audio, and screen and get the option of controlling the camera on/off. This way, you can present the slides at your preferred time and let your audience view them at their convenient time. You can also input your brand colors and fonts to create company content.

Next, Visme will generate a link for your presentation to allow sharing your presentation with anyone, and by accessing the link, they can watch your videos or files. Share simple numbers, statistics, and data in the slides by graphs, widgets, and charts.

Visme is free, but you can buy stock images, illustrations, lines, characters, shapes, icons, etc., to make your presentation more engaging. Also, download the file as editable HTML5 or PowerPoint to keep interactivity intact and animations for offline presentation.


Make beautiful and professional-looking presentations online with Venngage. Welcome this easy-to-use online presentation-making software to your toolkit and unlock all the tools you need to create an attractive presentation.

Venngage helps you communicate with your audience effectively, whether you deliver a virtual presentation or run a class online. With pre-made layouts and customizable templates, you can make your presentation look stunning by adding life to each content.

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Venngage’s in-house designers build exciting templates for you so you can have many options to choose from. You can add photos, customize the charts, and change the text easily via the drag-and-drop tool. Additionally, you can incorporate speaker notes as well into the presentations if you need them.

Furthermore, export your online presentation to PDF or PowerPoint and get it offline or present your creativity from Venngage’s presentation software. You will also get an option to upload fonts, brand colors, and company logos and make your presentation perfect.

Get Venngage for FREE at the beginning for five designs. If you want to step up your professional designs, go with $16/user/month.

Zoho Show

Design professional slides to collaborate with your colleagues and deliver extraordinary presentations anytime and from anywhere with Zoho Show. It offers contextual and minimalist UI to get relevant options for your task like editing text, animating a slide, and adding a photo without getting into complexities.

From business proposals to startup pitch decks and sales presentations, Zoho provides pre-loaded templates that can cover all your needs. It offers a collaborative workspace to create presentations online in a more productive way with your team members.

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You can import PPS, PPSX, PPT, ODP, and PPTX files to work on them without formatting issues. In addition, export files in PPSX, ODP, PDF, HTML, and PPTX format to present or share with anyone.

Interestingly, the tool lets you control the presentation with your smartwatch and mobile phone while broadcasting your creativity on smart TVs.

Entertain your viewers with videos and audio presentations that convey your point quickly. You can use features such as custom slideshows, presenter view, and more to deliver presentations with power. Besides, you can publish your slides online and show your ideas to a broader audience. Sign up and start using the online presentation software for FREE.


Make your audience say “WOW’ to your presentations when you create them via Genially. Whether you want to make infographics, presentation slides, or any other stunning content collaborating with your team or individually, use Genially’s online presentation software.

You can create beautiful business proposals, dossiers, reports, and many more useful marketing designs with Genially. Furthermore, the tool will help you create interactive infographics that can convey your content in a better way. In your presentation, you can also include external links, audio, videos, etc., and transform any image into interactive content.

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Capture everyone’s attention in your video play presentation and engage your viewers deeply. Make learning for students easier with interactive learning sessions that ensure success in every environment.

You do not need to be a pro to work with Genially; it makes you become a pro while using the required tools. It also offers easy handling so that you can focus on the work.

Genially is FREE forever with unlimited views, creations, resources, and templates. If you are looking for premium resources and other options, go with $7.49/month. For students, it is again FREE but costs you $1.25/month if you need more benefits.


Biteable helps you create animated video presentations and lets your video speak to your audience on your behalf. Choose from many video presentation templates and customize footage, colors, music, images, text, etc., to make your presentation engaging.

YouTube video

You can easily export your presentations from email, social media, or meetings to this tool. In addition, Biteable makes your work so easy that you can feel super comfortable while creating a unique presentation as it keeps complexities at bay.

Choose templates according to your topic and allow your viewers to understand the content without much explanation. You can make your video presentation visually appealing by browsing the library to add logos, texts, and scenes.

Additionally, you can customize colors that suit your brand and become a pro in attracting audiences. The tool also has features to help you keep your content clear, simple, short, punchy, and sweet.

Upgrade to explore your creativity more at just $19/month. Biteable is FREE forever with unlimited exports, 4 million pics, animations, clips, and a watermark.


Why spend the whole night preparing slides when you have a tool to make it for you within some time. Use Renderforest to take your viewers on a beautiful journey with your attractive and powerful slides.

Explore design elements and presentation slides to find the perfect match for your project. Whether you have a business review requirement or introduce a new fashion brand, Renderforest has templates suitable for you. It provides simple editing tools, thousands of stock photos, and many more.


Breathe life into your presentations by customizing slides as per your design needs. This online presentation maker works in the following easy steps:

  • Select presentation templates that are available in the 16:9 aspect ratio that meets your design standards.
  • In every presentation, you can add up to 100 slides. It enables you to include as many slides as you want and convey each detail in your presentation.
  • Use power editing tools to customize slides with just a few clicks. You can also add images and edit them with the design elements.

Bingo! Your presentation is now ready. Renderforest’s online presentation maker is FREE for up to 300 MB and up to 1-minute videos with a limited number of music tracks, watermarks, and unlimited 360p video exports. And you can share it with your team or your audience. You can also download it as a PDF or JPG file to present offline.


You don’t need to be a designing pro while creating slides; use Beautiful.ai – an expert tool to create your presentations easily. It helps you keep your team ready on branding, make your business look great, and save hours in designing.

Beautiful.ai offers elegant templates, so you have a blueprint according to your design needs for making presentations. This online presentation tool makes it easy to start, design, customize, and finish presentations in no time and impress your audience.

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Assign each member with the design needs for separate sections under a single account and sync up all the details at last. Once you sign up, you have millions of modern icons and images. As every slide is unique and creative in its own way, so make it talk to your audience via the right font, logo, and colors with this tool. The animated presentation maker also provides foolproof features to surprise your viewers.

Get everything you need to start your creativity for FREE and get unlimited slides, more than 2 million icons, photos, customized themes, PowerPoint import, and many more. If you need more, go with a paid plan starting at $12/month.


Maglr is a web-based tool that can help you create great and engaging content. The presentation tool can help you in creating great sales presentations.

Leave a lasting impression on the team with a visually engaging presentation.


The tool gives you complete reins over the presentation and lets you run the show.

Some of its key features are:

  • Control the main presentation
  • Share your presentation with your colleagues
  • Present presentation online or offline
  • Restrict options for colleagues
  • Manage presentation from one spot
  • Control accessibility to presentations
  • Send push notifications to inform about updates
  • Share presentations directly with customers

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft has already provided the world with one of the most used presentation tools, PowerPoint. Microsoft Sway is an improvement on the already perfected recipe of PowerPoint.

The tool can be used to create not only stunning presentations but also newsletters and documentation within minutes.


It boasts of the following features:

  • Integration of the device and the web enables you to add media from anywhere
  • Smart engine design brings the presentation together beautifully
  • Dynamic design looks great on any device and screen
  • Connect Sway with Office 365 and OneDrive to gain an even better experience


Powtoon is a tool that can be used for creating videos and presentations. This is a great way to engage your audience and a fun way to present your product to them.

YouTube video

The software isn’t just for businesses looking to market their brand, but also an educational tool used by teachers, and a personal tool to engage family and friends.

Some of its key features are:

  • Built for everyone, from start-ups to large businesses
  • A different approach to presentations
  • Ready-made templates
  • Create a presentation within 20 minutes


Everybody relies on using PowerPoint on their computers to create their presentations. If you want your presentation to stand out, you will need a different tool.

Slides will help you create professional-looking presentations in order to set you apart from the crowd.


It is a cloud-based software that ensures you can work on it from anywhere in the world and on any device.

  • Created presentations are all devices friendly
  • Created presentations are private
  • Provides options to share presentations
  • Analyze the performance of your presentation
  • Uploads videos and animations to your presentation


A good presentation can make all the difference in the life of a professional and it is always helpful to have the right tool for the job.

Prezi is a web-based platform that can be used to create engaging and eye-catching presentations. As it is web-based, the tool can be used anywhere and at any time.



  • Creating professional-style presentations
  • Creating and customizing using many templates and options
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Usage over PC or hand-held devices
  • Analysing your work after it is created, using Prezi Analytics

Haiku Deck

A good presentation makes all the difference. Haiku Deck is a great tool that can be used to design an amazing presentation.


The tool is very easy to use and is cloud-based, hence, making it accessible through your PC, iPad, and iPhone.

A free trial version of the software is available to experience the software. If you like the software, you can unlock more features by opting for a monthly subscription, priced at $19.99 per month.

Bonus: 5 Tips to Make Excellent Online Presentations

Having a presentation tool that works smoothly and comes with great features is cool, but you must know how to create presentations that excel. Here are some quick tips for creating presentations online if you are a beginner.

  • Drafting the content: Choose a header and use bullet points to explain things in points as nobody is going to read the large chunks of paragraphs. Add content relevant to the subject you will talk about, described in the easiest language possible. You can also provide examples wherever possible and keep your introductions exciting and conclusions promising.
  • Add graphics: A long, plain text might look dull. Make your presentation engaging by adding suitable videos, images, and other elements to different slides.
  • Keep it simple: Adding graphics is great, but your presentation doesn’t have to be a sketchbook full of colors and design elements. It must be made strategically. Whatever images, videos, and design elements you choose must be subtle and complement the text and are placed well without giving an overwhelming feeling to the viewer.
  • Timing: Determining the presentation length is crucial. Don’t make it too short that people assume you haven’t put enough effort or too long that they feel bored and confused. Find a middle ground to convey your content, considering the time.

Conclusion 👩‍💻

Creating presentations has become a lot easier with the introduction of online presentation software. It makes the overall process easier and simpler to create engaging slides with design elements and valuable capabilities. So, choose a presentation tool based on your requirements and budget.

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