14 Azure Practice Tests to Help You Pass the Real Exam

Almost every company now uses at least one cloud service from Microsoft. Cloud computing is on the rise, and modern businesses are required to embrace it wholeheartedly instead of relying completely on on-premise infrastructure.

That said, learning Microsoft Azure can help professionals in digital transformation. It can open up a whole new dimension of opportunity, knowledge, and career growth.

Learning the skill makes an individual demanding and helps accelerate their career as cloud computing is on the rise. According to a report, the cloud computing market will likely double around 2023, growing at a CAGR of 22.3% from $229 billion in 2019.

So, getting certified in Azure technology can help you become more competitive, increase your chances of getting hired, and advance your professional career.

Here are some details on the technology and how it can help your career.

What is the Azure Certification Exam?

Microsoft Azure Certification exams are in demand as we are going through a digital transformation. Cloud computing is revolutionizing the world. More and more companies are embracing it to enable a flexible work environment, faster and secure work in the cloud, and effective communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service created in 2010 by Microsoft. It supports the development, testing, managing, and deploying different types of services and applications for various industry verticals via their managed data centers situated across the globe. It supports SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and other capabilities and services by both Microsoft and third parties.

Hence, if you have knowledge and skills in Azure, it can open up a new dimension of opportunities in reputed organizations and help you advance your career in cloud computing. And to gain the skills and prove them to the world, you can undergo an Azure certification exam. Different Azure certification exams are available for different roles and positions, such as fundamentals, associate, and expert level exams.

  • AZ-104 (Azure Administrator)
  • AZ-203 (Developing Solutions for Azure)
  • AZ-300 (Azure Database Administrator Associate)
  • AZ-303 (Azure Architect Technologies)
  • AZ-304 (Azure Architect Design)
  • AZ-400 (Azure DevOps Solutions)
  • AZ-500 (Azure Security Technologies)
  • AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals)

Who can take the exam?

If you are a professional associated with cloud technologies, Azure solutions, and services, you can take an Azure Certification exam to understand the cloud concepts better.

It’s beneficial for database administrators, network administrators, security engineers, cloud developers, and similar professionals who work, build, text, or deploy cloud services and solutions.

Furthermore, if you are a professional associated with selling or buying cloud services and solutions, then knowledge in cloud technologies and Azure fundamentals would also help you a lot in your job role.

However, suppose you don’t already work in any such capacities but are interested in learning the technology and building your career around cloud computing. In that case, you can go ahead and take these courses.

What are the benefits of Azure certifications?

Here are some of the reasons Azure certifications can help you in your career.

Wide-ranging career options

By taking up an Azure certification exam, a wide range of career options open up for you. You can apply to reputed organizations for a job role based on your skill levels, such as cloud architect, solution architect, security professional, database admin, cloud developer, and more. These certifications are applicable across industries and global locations.

Handsome package

Your Azure certification is proof that you have acquired a specific skill, and you would have a good chance of getting selected by the organizations in that area. It also gives you an edge over your competitors. Looking at the demand for cloud technologies these days, organizations are looking to hire skilled people. So, you can acquire a handsome salary package.

According to Indeed, the average salary of an Azure Architect in the US is around $134k a year, and that of a cloud engineer is around $118k a year. Overall, Azure specialists can earn from $40k to $172 k a year based on the job role, organization, and country.

Professional development

Learning cloud technologies like Azure helps you in your professional development and upskilling yourself. And upskilling in this digital age is always advantageous. You can grow in your present organization and also find opportunities from other top companies and government organizations if you have proven skillsets. These emerging skills make you demanding and not easily replaceable.

So, if you are interested in taking up an Azure certification exam, here are some of the recommended venues that offer quality practice tests to help you examine your skills and sharpen them more.


Udemy offers many courses and certifications for Microsoft Azure and also prepares you for its examinations. You can take up this course – AZ-303 Azure Architecture Technologies Exam Prep to prove your skills.

They have updated the course in September 2021; hence, you get fresh content to prepare for relevant to the technology. It currently has 4.5 ratings from 25k+ students out of 126+ enrolled. It is available in 7 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, and Portuguese.

This course will help you learn how to design Azure solutions, understand the Azure concepts, and stay updated with the recent changes to the Azure platform. Using all these skills will help you pass the Azure Architect Technologies test on the first attempt.

To avail of this course, you need to have paid or free subscription to Azure and the excitement to practice and learn Microsoft Azure. As a bonus, you will be provided with a study guide in PDF format that you can download for free. This course is for senior technical professionals with some Azure exposure, Azure AZ-303 test aspirants, and technical architects willing to learn more about cloud designing.


Whizlabs provides – Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-304 Certification course. This is an advanced-level course that 3800+ learners have already taken. It consists of 235 questions for practice tests and 65 videos to help you learn the skills needed to compete and excel in the exam.

This course prepares you for the AZ-304: Azure Architect Design examination intended for Solution Architects. You can also prepare for it with their Azure-303 course and build your career as a certified Microsoft Azure Architect. The course consists of 5 mock exams with 275 unique questions and extensive explanations for each question.

You can also assess your strengths and weaknesses with reports. In addition, all Whizlabs courses offer unlimited access to the courses for a lifetime once purchased. Also, if you encounter any doubt or issue, their experts will be there to guide and clarify your questions. You can even go for a free test that includes 15 questions to decide if you would like to proceed with it.


Another great source to avail of Azure practice tests is Pluralsight. It offers – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Introduction to the AZ-900 Exam course. This is a beginner-level course, updated in July 2021. Hence, you can prepare according to the latest curriculum.

In this course, you will discover your potential and learn the skills required to qualify for the exam. The major topics you will learn are the benefits of getting the Azure certification, the right audience for the exam, and more. They also provide you with more resources, so your learning journey becomes easier.

After you finish the course, you will have the skills to clear the AZ-900 exam and achieve the certification to launch your career in cloud computing. They also offer a 10-day free trial, so you can understand how it works.


SkillCertPro offers a lot of courses and practice tests on Azure. Their Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) exam questions 2021 include 870+ questions, 14 practice tests, and 1 Master Cheat Sheet. They also have recently updated the content and curated the questions exclusively from previous exams.

This online mock exam will prepare you for Azure fundamentals, cloud concepts, Azure services, pricing, lifecycle, SLA, and the elements of trust, compliance, security, and privacy. They have prepared their Master Cheat Sheet by expert instructors who have provided personal notes for exam objectives so that you can understand all the topics quickly.

SkillCertPro recommends using the Master Cheat Sheet 2-3 days before your main exam to help you make the most out of it. In addition, they have a responsive, dedicated team to update the question bank regularly based on student feedback on things that appeared on the actual examination and external benchmarking.

You get lifetime access to the content once you have enrolled in it. They have also provided detailed explanations for all the questions and also claim a 100% pass guarantee. Not only that, but they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you can’t clear the examination on your 1st attempt, with a no-questions-asked policy.

The course costs $19.99. SkillCertPro also offers a free sample test for 15 questions that you can take up after filling in your name and email address.


Kick-start your career in cloud computing with Microsoft Azure certification and practice test by MeasureUp. It offers plenty of certification courses on Azure, including certification for:

  • AZ-500
  • AZ-400
  • AZ-104
  • AZ-900
  • AZ-304
  • AZ-203
  • AZ-303
  • 70-487

Acquiring these certifications would help you differentiate yourself from your peers and showcase your expertise in Azure technology. In addition, you can earn an MCSA in Cloud Platforms to build your career by completing two Azure exams.

MeasureUp offers high-quality practice tests and certifications for developers, solution architects, security engineers, administrators, functional consultants, data scientists, and other enthusiasts in cloud and Azure.


EduSum offers practice exams for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals to prepare you for the Azure AZ-900 certification exam. The exam will provide you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with formats and questions in the actual Azure Fundamentals examination.

In addition, you can also identify topics where you are good and the ones that you need to study more. EduSum has prepared the questions for the AZ-900 test by aggregating inputs from community users and recently certified professionals. They also have carefully maintained topic weightage, exam duration, question format, and passing score in the mock exam based on the AZ-900 certification exam syllabus.

EduSum offers 870+ sets of questions to practice, unlimited attempts for two months, and MCQs with correct answers in a simulated exam environment. You will undergo the practice exams in a time-bound manner, get a detailed result book, and have frequent exam updates from Azure experts and certified community members.

It costs $26.90 with a 100% money-back guarantee if you fail the exam on the first attempt.


Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 practice exam with TestPrepTraining to accomplish the skills and start your career in cloud computing. They have covered topics, including:

  • Cloud concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Azure management tools and core solutions
  • Network security and general security features
  • Identity, privacy, governance, and compliance
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) and cost management

This exam is for you if you want to demonstrate fundamental knowledge on cloud services, how to use them with Azure, and probably build a career in the technology. You can also take it up if you are involved with purchasing or selling cloud-based solutions or are associated with the technology.

You don’t necessarily need IT technical experience to take this exam, but it would help if you had an IT background or knowledge. TestPrepTraining offers full-length mock tests with unique questions, objective questions saving section-wise scores, the latest curriculum based on the syllabus, tips and tricks to clear the test, reliable reports to evaluate your skills, and unlimited access to the content.

They also guarantee 100% assurance to pass the exam; if not, you can request a 100% refund.


ITExams provides you with a practice test for the Azure AZ-900 exam. They have prepared the exam materials from expert Azure professionals, including actual exam questions, explanations, and answers for free.

You can avail a total of 288 exam questions based on the latest Azure updates and exam curriculum. They have last updated the content on November 7th, 2021.


Take up the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals practice test to prepare for the actual AZ-900 certification exam and clear it with a good score. If you are associated with cloud services, you can buy this test on Mindhub.

This practice test has 180 questions, covering topics such as cloud concepts, core Azure services, Azure SLAs, pricing and life cycles, and security, trust, compliance, and privacy features.

You can avail references and detailed answers for each question, answer in a time-bound manner, and get an instant score report to assess your skill sets.

Tutorials Dojo

If you are a beginner working with cloud services and solutions, go for Tutorials Dojo’s AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams. The course includes 5 lessons, 13 quizzes, 4 topics, and unlimited access to the content for 3 years.

The course will help you learn cloud concepts, Azure workloads and services, security, privacy, networking, pricing, storage, application support, compute, and app development. You can access real-time simulation of AZ-900 exams with unique questions, including a dropdown menu, drag-and-drop option, multiple yes/no questions, etc. You get access to 4 exam modes – timed, review, section-based, and final test with 40 questions to make you exam-ready.

They have included comprehensive explanations, cheat sheets, and reference links for each question’s ending so you can verify your answers and sharpen your knowledge. You also get a study guide that works as a reference for explanations in your practice tests. In addition, they constantly update their question bank based on student feedback, the latest syllabus, and external benchmarking.

Furthermore, you will have an active Q&A discussion board to see inputs from exam instructors and students. It will help you understand recent topics that appeared on the actual exam. They also have a friendly expert team to address your concerns in 72 hours. You can also review your performance through your test report and access the platform anywhere, anytime, with a mobile-compatible interface.


Hop onto Examsnet to take up Azure practice tests. They offer tests for different Azure certification exams such as:

  • AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals
  • AZ-400: Azure DevOps Solutions
  • AZ-300: Azure Architect Technologies

Sharpen your skills in cloud technologies and learn about Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, networking, support, and pricing in a comprehensive way. In addition, you can also use the tests to prepare yourself for Azure app development, compute, storage, and other related concepts.

They have 4 practice tests for AZ-301, 4 tests for AZ-300, 3 tests for AZ-400, 5 tests for AZ-900, and 5 tests for AZ-103.


Visit the official website of Boson and find ExSim-Max practice exams for the AZ-900 certification exam. They offer a total of 150 questions prepared by expert Azure professionals with quality and uniqueness to help you prepare for the exam and advance your career.

This practice test will help you clear concepts on Azure technology and related topics so you can get certified and land wonderful opportunities. The practice tests cost $99.


If you want to qualify for the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 certification exam, you can try CyberVista and take its practice tests. This exam is suitable for Azure administrators managing cloud services, including storage, networking, security, and computing.

This exam needs a comprehensive understanding of Azure services throughout their IT lifecycle. You also need knowledge related to infrastructure services, environments, and applications. So, take up the practice tests and prepare yourself for these services.

Furthermore, sharpen your skills in PowerShell, Command Line Interface, Azure templates and Portal, operating systems, cloud infrastructure, virtualization, networking, and storage structures. You can study at your own pace, wherever you are, and whenever you want at your convenience.

They offer real exam-like questions, and you can access the content for 180 days, including quizzes, detailed explanations, references, grades, performance tracker, and flashcards to help you memorize the concepts. Download the quizzes for offline study as well and utilize the Study Calendar to maximize your study time. You can also use InstructorLInk to see IT expert help.

This practice test costs $149.

Conclusion 👨‍💻

We hope this list of Azure certification practice tests helps you prepare for the actual exam and gain the skills necessary in this competitive digital age to advance your career in cloud computing.

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