11 Best Latest Gaming Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

Digital Gaming is never going out of fashion, with its trends increasing.

The gaming industry is booming with new consoles and other devices competing with the old ones. Still, PC Gaming continues to thrive as the most popular form of video gaming. There is a huge competition faced by PC Gaming from both mobile gaming and console gaming platforms.

Hardware is the major requirement for every gaming PC, and the market is set to rise with huge demands. As per statistics, it has been found that the PC hardware industry alone will be worth $70 billion by 2023. It means people are still very much invested in building a robust gaming PC.

Some experts expect the gaming industry’s revenue to reach more than $196 billion in 2022. Now, it is not only kids or teens engaged in gaming. There are people of every age involved in gaming.

Other than that, the gaming craze is visible even on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. People consider gaming a career option by live streaming on different platforms and earning through it. Live streaming is a major reason behind the enhanced craze of PC Gaming.

Gaming also causes several problems. Vision-related problems are a significant issue among people due to excessive gaming.

Computer Screen Syndrome

If you are involved in excessive digital screen use, you might face issues of eye strain and even vision problems over time. Common issues include headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, fatigue, and eye discomfort. These problems have been on the rise for the past few decades.

Some of the common factors that could cause computer screen syndrome are:

  • Glare on the screen
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Poor posture while operating a computer
  • Viewing the computer screen from the wrong distance and angle
  • Uncorrected existing vision problems

These are some of the most common reasons behind the cause of computer screen syndrome. Every individual must take note of the issues and start solving them. If such situations prevail, there are high chances of major vision problems over time.

Benefits of Gaming Glasses

If you are still wondering whether you should purchase a gaming glass or not, then this section will definitely make it clear for you. The eyes are known to be the most precious organ, and if you are certain about protecting it, you should consider getting a pair of gaming glasses for your eyes.

Some of the key benefits of using gaming glasses are:

  • Blue light protection: Gaming glasses prove to reduce the effect of blue light on your eyes. Blue light can cause eye strain and impair vision.
  • Reduction in glare: Gaming glasses enhance the level of clarity by reducing glare and providing a yellow tint that helps to see all the colors vividly
  • Reduction in eye strain and fatigue: Gaming glasses reduce eyestrain and fatigue. They will prevent vision impairment issues even when you get older.
  • Vision enhancement: Fast-paced gaming becomes more fun when you get to see every detail clearly and with better-enhanced colors due to the gaming glasses.

Now, let us go through some of the best gaming glasses available in the market to help you protect your eyes.

Gunnar Optiks

With Gunnar Optiks, you will have your vision protected from digital screens. These blue-light-blocking gaming glasses reduce eye strain and headaches and protect your vision while playing your favorite games or viewing other screens.

These gaming glasses resolve all the issues due to prolonged screen-staring, such as cataracts, blurry vision, dry eyes, negative effects of blue light exposure, headaches, and migraines.

The lightweight frame of Gunnar Optiks makes it pretty comfortable to be worn even for the entire day. Whether playing games or working on your PC, you should prefer wearing these protective glasses to care for your vision. These glasses are the perfect ones even when you are viewing television or using your mobile phone.

SomniLight Florescent

SomniLight FL-41 is a highly recommended gaming glass by specialists to prevent migraine and light sensitivity issues. These gaming glasses have proved to be really useful for individuals suffering from issues due to light sensitivity caused by computer screens or fluorescent lighting.

The lenses of FL-41 can block 80% of the blue wavelength that triggers headaches, dizziness, and eye pain. The polycarbonate frame is sturdy enough and also makes it comfortable for every individual. These glasses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


ANRRI has been a famous brand for blue-light-blocking glasses for a long time. The ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed to reduce eye strain from computer screens. With these glasses, you will experience much better screen time with no eyestrain issues.

The ANRRI polycarbonate lenses reduce eyestrain, headache, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. There is a 90% reduction in the blue light entering your eyes from the digital screens to protect your vision. You will also notice better sleep when you consider wearing these glasses for every activity that involves digital screens.


If you are looking for stylish gaming glasses that can suit your look and protect your eyes, there is no better option than HyperX Gaming Eyewear. These lenses clearly block out the blue light and prevent eye strain issues. Other than that, these lenses are coated to repel dust, oil, and water.

You will experience an enhanced level of vision with minimal color distortion. The ultra-lightweight frame makes it easy for you to wear even if you are gaming for long hours. The best thing is that these gaming glasses have been designed to be comfortably worn along with the HyperX gaming headsets.

Colored acetate is used to craft the glass’s hand-cut frame, which holds the color much longer than the painted polycarbonate frames. On top of that, you will also get a hardshell case to protect your glasses from any damage or scratching. Get ready to receive the best gaming experience with vivid colors, enhanced protection, and proper comfort.

HyperX Spectre

HyperX has come up with its Spectre Eyewear series to focus on both protecting your vision and providing stylish glasses. You will find various stylish, protective, and comfortable eyewear options in the HyperX Spectre series.

The lenses of these glasses prevent the blue light from passing through and entering your eyes. With this, you will notice a decrement in the effects of digital eye strain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches.

On top of that, you will also get a high-end gaming experience with vivid colors. You can also use its customization options to get the right gaming glasses as per your prescription. No other gaming glasses can match the durability and comfort of these glasses. The versatile design is definitely worth it.

The lightweight and comfortable frame won’t hurt even if you wear them for long hours. Another excellent thing over here is that you won’t feel the glasses coming your way even if you wear headsets over them.

Inferno Gamer Advantage

Inferno Gamer Advantage Blue Light Glasses is one of the charming and popular frames in the range of Gamer Advantage. This design suits almost all kinds of face shapes.

The flagship REZME® technology is featured in both the Sleep lens, engineered for those who spend 8+ hours in front of screens daily, and the crystal-clear Focus lens, created for 4+ hours of screen time. 

It is the perfect blue light glasses for women as well as men. The Inferno style also comes with a magnetic sun clip to keep wearers eye-protected both indoors and outdoors. 

It comes with Morph-Flex technology that gives the frame a thin and flexible nature. It gives you the ultimate gaming experience and color perception. Its clear glass prevents the distortion of colors while wearing. It has the capability to absorb blue light and offer the necessary protection to your eyes.

Inferno has been designed using premium quality and patented material. The glasses are FDA-compliant and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Horus X

Get the ultimate protection technology for your eyes with the Horus X Gaming Glasses. Now, say no to headaches, sluggishness, and tired eyes by wearing these blue light glasses using digital screens. These glasses have been specially designed to protect gamers’ eyes who consistently use their PC and laptops for long hours.

The stylish frame with modern curves makes it look pretty good on both men and women. The usage of best materials has been made in these glasses to make them comfortable. The ultra-light and soft materials, along with the polycarbonate lenses and temples, add up to the ergonomic design. The polycarbonate material also makes the glasses strong and durable enough to last long.

PlayStation Glasses

PlayStation officially licensed these premium-quality gaming glasses. They are capable enough to protect your vision and eyes from all kinds of computer, TV, and gaming use. The amber lenses reduce eye strain by minimizing the effects of blue light and UV glare. These glasses can also be called the perfect ones for gamers as it protects the eyes and enhances the on-screen details to get a better gaming experience.

The lightweight frame makes it easy and comfortable to wear, even for long gaming sessions. The natural arc curve design of the nose pads also eliminates the exertion of pressure on the nose and provides extra comfort. On top of that, the frame also consists of the official PlayStation logo with a subtle blue and black color.

Razer Anzu

Razer Anzu is a revolutionary product where you get open-ear audio glasses to protect your eyes and immerse your ears with sound. There are built-in speakers hidden in the frame of these stylish high-tech glasses.

Razer Anzu is an advanced eye protection bundle with blue light and UV rays protection lenses. The blue light lenses filter out the negative effects of blue light by 35% to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain to make you feel fresh even after working or playing for long hours. Other than that, the UV protection lenses completely shield your eyes from the sun’s rays with 99% UVA/UVB protection.

The 60ms low latency Bluetooth connection can deliver smooth and stutter-free sound without any issues of audio delay. You can even go hands-free while taking up any calls, as there is a discrete omnidirectional mic hidden in the frame. The sleek touch of the glasses’ interface allows you to play or pause media, change music tracks, manage your calls, and activate the voice assistant feature.

One single charge can let it run for 5 straight hours. On top of that, smart technology helps it save battery by automatically shutting down when it is not in use. These glasses possess a water-resistant IPX4 design to make them splash-proof. There won’t be any issues with the frame or glasses due to sweat or unfortunate spills.


Say no to headaches and eyestrains by making it a habit to wear the Benicci blue-light-blocking gaming glasses. The blue light emitted from digital screens has a huge impact on your eyes. With these glasses, you will notice a huge improvement in your vision and protect your eyes from eyestrain and blurred vision issues.

Wearing these glasses every time you are viewing any digital screen can also help encourage melatonin production. It also helps you maintain normal sleeping patterns.

The stylish frame adds to the protection you receive with these gaming glasses. The classy frame is durable and sturdy to use the glasses in both indoor and outdoor situations easily. On top of that, the protective case makes it easy to carry them anywhere around.

Felix Gray

With the intensive use of digital screens, it has become pretty essential to filter out blue light. The blue light eliminated from digital screens is the cause of eyestrain, headache, blurry vision, dry eyes, and various other eye problems. Blue light also disturbs your sleep cycle. Felix Gray’s blue-light-blocking glasses can solve all these problems.

With its premium lenses, you will see that 50% of blue light is filtered out. You also get anti-glare and UV protection with these premium glasses. These glasses are all-purpose because you can use them to protect your eyes from every activity involving digital screens.

Felix Gray’s blue light-blocking glasses have become a must-have one because they have hand-finished Italian acetate frames along with premium quality lenses. On top of that, the frame possesses a wider square lens to make it an ideal one, even for a person with a slightly larger face.

Conclusion 😎

There is a huge increase in the usage of digital screens by every individual. The usage is much more for gamers. It has become essential to purchase gaming glasses to protect your eyes from eyestrain, headache, blurred vision, and much more. Grab yours as soon as possible to protect your vision.

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