11 Best AI-Powered Video Generators for Your Business 

Gone are the days when you could impress your audience with only textual content. Times have changed, and people have matured as internet users.

With the consistent boom of available options to choose from, businesses now have an arduous job of making the same impact, if not more, in much lesser time.

Content Marketing as an industry has transitioned from a newcomer into a well-established giant that you cannot ignore if you want to see your business doing well in the market. It uses every technology and innovative practice to serve its customers better.

Few such booming technologies that recently found their well-deserved place in content marketing are Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. In 1950, a guy named Alan Turing posed a fascinating question, “can machines think?”. That very question has been the driving force of this technology.

Today Data Science is fundamental of gathering information about consumers, and artificial intelligence clubbed with machine learning is the basis for understanding and predicting consumer behavior.

Companies are now deploying every tangible resource available in the content and design department to generate catchy, interactive video content. They are taking all the help from AI Video Generation platforms.

With AI Video Generation Platforms, you can create simple, engaging, and informational video content and convert your content from text to video. Here are some of the best AI Video Generation Platforms out there bustling with energy and innovative ideas to create consumer-centric videos every day.

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is an innovative AI video editor that enables users to produce professional videos by converting text into speech in just a few minutes. As a pioneer in AI video technology, Deepbrain AI uses artificial intelligence to generate videos.


With Deepbrain AI, there’s no need to hire actors, use cameras, or record in a studio. Instead, you can create explainer videos with ready-to-use AI avatars and voiceovers. The platform supports over 80 languages and allows you to edit and update your videos whenever necessary.

The quality of the AI model produced by Deepbrain AI is exceptional. It’s even used as an AI anchor for conducting news broadcasts.

This amazing platform also offers the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations into videos. With a great AI presenter, you can produce a video in no time. Plus, Deepbrain AI offers a free trial, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.


Muse.ai is an all-in-one video platform offering audio and video hosting, unlimited video and collection embed, AI indexing and video search, video player with robust adaptive streaming, easily shareable templates with lots of other pro features.

muse.ai video generator

This unique platform has been a favourite for several budding startups and established multinational mammoths that understand the value of generating quality and organic content for their users. The names include Academia, click funnels, Edinburgh International Festival, Freight Waves, Bristol Old Vic, and Tac Fit, among many.

Not just companies, the muse.ai platform is loved and trusted by millions worldwide. With muse.ai, you can start recording your content from your browser and create chapters in your recordings, automatically uploaded and ready for sharing.

Muse.ai offers flexible storage that lets you access your videos from any platform, any place. You can easily organize your videos, share them privately with password-protected files, store, share, search, make clips, and more, all from one place.


Synthesia is yet another AI video creation platform that boasts saving your cost on cameras, microphones, and actors, and of course, countless hours of brainstorming and juggling between ideas.

Synthesia is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to the creation of animated videos from text. You can create professional videos from text in over 50 languages. The name Synthesia is common around 4500 companies that use its services to connect better with their audience. These include Reuters, Teleperformance, Nike, Google, and BBC, to name a few.

YouTube video

Synthesia offers a unique animated video presenter that you can choose from available 50+ avatars. What makes Synthesia stand out from the crowd is the myriad options available and its endless libraries of templates, where you will always find just the thing you need to connect with the audience better.


Synthesys AI Studio is a groundbreaking platform that’s reshaping the world of video creation through cutting-edge AI capabilities. Imagine a tool that revolutionizes visual storytelling, offering you an array of 80+ avatars, each with a distinct persona that seamlessly aligns with your narrative or brand identity.


But it doesn’t stop there. With Synthesys AI Studio, you have the power to infuse your videos with creativity beyond limits. Incorporate text, images, transitions, titles, and shapes, all thoughtfully designed to elevate your storytelling and add that extra impact to every single frame. And don’t worry about starting from scratch—choose from a selection of 50+ meticulously crafted templates that kickstart your video journey with style and substance.

The essence of a compelling narrative lies in the seamless connection of different scenes. With Synthesys AI Studio, you can effortlessly merge these scenes to create an engaging story that captivates your audience from start to finish. And speaking of captivating, imagine having AI-generated humans integrated into your websites, offering an interactive and captivating experience for your online visitors. But inclusivity matters too, which is why customizable subtitles are at your fingertips, ensuring your content reaches and resonates with diverse audiences.

Synthesys advanced video editor allows you to refine every aspect of your creation, ensuring a polished and professional end result that you can proudly share. And when it comes to giving your videos a voice, their library boasts over 300 voices spanning 140 languages, allowing you to connect with a global audience like never before.

Curious to experience the future of video creation firsthand? A free trial is available, offering you the chance to generate up to 5 minutes of AI-assisted video content. Synthesys AI Studio empowers you to personalize your videos, infuse them with emotion, and transform your storytelling approach. Explore the limitless possibilities of AI-driven video generation as you elevate your narratives to new heights.


If you want to create beautiful creative videos for your business at an affordable cost, Pronto should be your go-to option. Here, you can create professional-quality videos with just a few clicks. This powerful video platform lets you create and publish videos while tracking the metrics simultaneously.

YouTube video

You do not even need any experience to run this tool to make potential customers interested in your brand and products. Currently, it supports popular industries, including retail, finance, automation, hospitality, entertainment, agriculture, education, travel, non-profit, manufacturing, food and beverage, home improvement, and pet. Moreover, it regularly adds new categories.

On Pronto, you can create videos for specific audience segments and locations. You can also use this solution for automatically optimized videos for different social platforms for better social media engagement. 

Raw Shorts

As discussed earlier, we have an interesting case of the diminishing the attention span of consumers; Raw Shorts, another big name in the AI Video creation industry, understands that and offers a unique and innovative solution.

With the help of Raw Shorts, users have reduced their time spent on creating videos by 87%. You can now instantly create publish-ready animated videos from text, all thanks to Raw Shorts.

YouTube video

Its text-to-animated video technology incorporates Artificial Intelligence to create a video draft within seconds, thus saving you countless hours of video creation. You have to feed the system with video scripts and assemble the videos online. It provides you with multiple options to choose from, and of course, you can customize and share.


Rephrase.ai is the most advanced AI-powered video creation platform. It makes creating videos as simple as typing. Rephrase.ai also offers hyper-personalized marketing for some of the biggest brands.

YouTube video

The platform has helped brands create 250,000 videos personalized to every viewer. These brands include Beco, BD, Cadbury, Colors, and many more and have been covered by Business Insider, CNBC, Adweek, Businesswise India, YourStory, and TechCrunch.


Lumen5 is an online video maker built to supercharge your content strategy. With the help of Lumen5, you can easily make videos for content marketing, thought leadership, and brand awareness instantly.

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What makes Lumen5 more attractive than other players in the market is its feature to transform blog posts into videos with AI. Interesting, right? Its exhaustive content library provides access to millions of photos, video clips, and audio files, ensuring that the users have the elements needed to create the perfect video.

The templates available with Lumen5 let users customize each video with their unique logo, watermark, fonts, lots, and so much more to make that video their own and market their brand value in style and awe. There are over 800,000+ companies that are using Lumen5 to tell their stories. A few of them are the sales force, PWC, Siemens, KPMG, Merck, SAP, Mitsubishi, and Cisco.

Designs Ai

Designs Ai is a video maker that combines high-quality stock content with artificial intelligence to deliver stunning results. Designs Ai makes it all possible at a fraction of the required time, cost, and effort.

It uses advanced AI technology and uses a wide range of machine-learning techniques focused on time-saving, accuracy, and ease of use. Its extensive library of assets, 10M Getty videos, 170M 123RF images, is constantly updated to deliver the best videos.

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The team behind Designs Ai and the product can be customized and suited best for visionaries seeking to build a brand. So if you are any of the few, you should visit Designs Ai: Influencers, Small Businesses, Startups, Educators, Enterprises, Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, and Government Agencies.


Vidyo.ai is an AI-powered video maker that lets you instantly create short clips or videos from longer ones. It can amazingly save up to 90% of time and effort. This video generator automatically selects the most mesmerizing or important moments from your video and edits and captions them. Using this tool, you can import your videos from your computer or even via a YouTube link.

YouTube video

Its auto-video chapters offer chapter timestamps that further offer better descriptions. Its video resizing feature lets you have platform native sizes for your videos. Due to its large number of exciting features, a major group of creators and podcasters love this.


Looking for personalized videos for your eCommerce business? Maverick is the ultimate choice to have AI-generated personalized videos at ease. It makes the personalization task for videos much easier.

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You can target each of your customers by mentioning their names without recording a new video for every individual. You just need to record once. This tool gives you better communication support with your customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

The videos you create using Maverick are ideal to use throughout the whole journey of your customer with you. You can integrate this video maker with your favorite E-commerce platform and work seamlessly to meet your business goals.

Summing Up 👇

We are getting into the future driven by Artificial Intelligence and where Augmented Reality superimposes with the real world. In times such, business owners should shift towards visual content because research has shown people to reach better to something they do when compared to something they read.

You may also check out some of these AI Voice generators to add narrations to your videos.

Want to use animated characters for your marketing or brand awareness? Try these tools.

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