11 Advanced Website SEO Crawler Tools for You to Use

Do you want to improve the ranking of your website? Perform an in-depth SEO audit of your site with advanced website SEO crawler toolkits.

SEO is a continuous process, and you always need to work on it for improvement. There are many online tools to analyze your site and provide the necessary information, which is good to start with. 

However, the world of SEO has become highly competitive. To stay ahead, you need a detailed audit of your website that will cover various SEO elements. Let’s explore the advanced all-in-one SEO toolkits that can help you with this task.

What is a Website SEO Crawler?

A web crawler is an automated program/script which browses the site programmatically. It is also known as a web spider or web robot. However, a website SEO crawler helps you identify technical SEO issues of your website so that you can immediately work on them for better ranking. 

Benefits of Using Web SEO Crawler

  • You can control the data crawling process, interval
  • It runs in the background, mostly doesn’t affect the site’s performance
  • Does not require any pre-requisite knowledge
  • Compile data in a manageable format
  • Automate the site performance tracking
  • Bulk auditing and editing are possible
  • Built-in reporting and analytics features

Now that you know the benefits of using web crawlers for your website, let’s take a look at the best ones.


Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that provides the best and most accurate data for digital marketing professionals and website owners. It has the most significant backlink index compared to other tools.

Using this tool, you will also be able to check on your competitor’s SEO and can improve your strategies. Top companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, and Uber use Ahfres.


  • Check for 100+ SEO issues, including performance, tags, and links
  • Locate and flag all technical and on-page SEO issues 
  • Overall SEO health score after site auditing
  • Visualize key metrics and data in charts
  • Powerful data explorer for controlling different data points
  • Rank tracking
  • Intensive Keyword research
  • Complete SERP analysis
  • Broken link checker


Semrush is a program people use to optimize their sites and create a better user experience. This all-in-one marketing software offers a dedicated service for web SEO, social media, traffic, and content research.

It can help you maximize the ranking of your site with the help of its targeted keyword lists and highly useful competitor analysis right up to their backlinks. You can start with a 7-day trial to see how Semrush works.


  • Find and fix technical issues on your website
  • Build a robust list of useful keywords
  • Personalized content audit on real-time metrics
  • Create well-structured content pieces
  • Track and analyze your reports
  • Link building for a strong backlink profile 
  • Find negative SEO

SEO PowerSuite

The SEO PowerSuite is an easy-to-use toolkit that contains four tools developed specifically for online search engine optimization. It offers tools like Rank Tracker for monitoring keywords ranked over time. The Website Auditor tool works to address technical problems that impact search engine rankings.

There are also tools like LinkAssistant for managing backlinks and SEO SpyGlass for examining the backlink profiles of competing websites. The suite functions as a comprehensive solution for website optimization and is appropriate for both inexperienced and seasoned SEO specialists. 

With SEO PowerSuite, you have the tools to succeed in search engine optimization, whether you’re trying to raise ranks, increase traffic, or remain ahead of the competition. 


  • Personalized link-building using one of the ten useful techniques
  • Analyzing competitor backlinks to identify potential link prospects
  • Using technical metrics to evaluate the quality of the links
  • Outreach management through automated email collection and monitoring 
  • Link verification via regular verification and immediate partner contact 
  • White-label link-building reports that customers can personalize

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an industry-leading website crawler trusted for technical SEO site audits. You can download and use this software on macOS, Windows, and Linux. SEO spider is a powerful and flexible tool capable of crawling on both small and large websites.

It is available in FREE and paid versions. The free version can crawl 500 URLs, and for more, you need to purchase the paid version. 


  • Provide key onsite data for making informed decisions
  • Scarped on-page elements with every crawled URL
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Review robots and other directives
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Capable of finding broken links
  • Capable of providing HTTP status code
  • Processes a supplied list of URL


Sitebulb is a website auditing tool for SEOs and digital marketing agencies. It performs data analysis from an SEO perspective so that you can deliver actionable website audits for your clients. This cloud crawler does not have any project limits or crawl credits. 

It also offers you a combination of enterprise-level analysis and data visualization. Besides desktop applications for Windows and MAC, it also offers cloud services. You can also avail of the 14-day free trial offer on desktop applications.


  • 300+ SEO issues automatically checked and prioritized
  • Visualization of graphs and charts to help you understand the data
  • Crawl websites with millions of URLs
  • Comprehensive and insightful reports
  • Run multiple audits at the same time
  • Recommendations for each issue in client-friendly language
  • Visualizations cover from minute details to the major ones
  • Capable of diagnosing issues with site structure


Marketers of the world’s leading companies use SEOmator as their online SEO audit tool. It is designed to monitor and audit the technical as well as the architectural specifications of a website. After it does that, it sends a complete analysis and assessment report to your mail specifying the areas where you can improve.

It takes into account off-site and on-page SEO, Pagespeed characteristics, Mobile usability, and content quality, presenting all of the data in a consolidated and structured format via a report.


  • Provides alerts and action recommendations
  • Ideal for small to mid-level SEO agencies as well
  • Includes rebranding of their SEO reports
  • Embeddable report widget to allow customers to download from their site directly
  • Ability to find more than 65 types of issues


Lumar is a website intelligence platform that helps you analyze your website to maintain its technical health. It has a centralized command center to maintain the technical health of your website to unleash its full commercial potential. 

This platform allows cross-functional website teams to use actionable, centralized insights in order to make their digital properties more impactful. You can book a demo of Lumar to see how it can help your online business.


  • Monitors the site regularly
  • Crawl speed is up to 450 URLs per second
  • Automated QA testing and tailored alerts
  • Benchmark the technical performance of the website
  • Reveals SEO metrics and insights for optimization
  • Integration with CI/CD pipelines
  • Built-in reports and custom data extractions


Oncrawl is a data-driven web-based SEO crawler developed to analyze logs for enterprise audits and daily monitoring purposes. It provides a detailed picture of the SEO impact of various website attributes.

The solution uses scalable analysis algorithms to combine third-party and natively collected data. Hence, you can quantify, visualize, and know the true value of technical SEO.


  • Monitors crawlers to know how search engines understand the website
  • Features a log analyzer to understand how Google deals with the site
  • Provides insights on possible website improvement
  • Rates the content quality to help you improve the content where necessary
  • Helps eliminate duplicate content from the website
  • Monitors website performance and internal page linking for any broken links
  • Helps in understanding the organic traffic better

Raven Tools is an all-in-one platform of SEO and reporting tools designed to manage SEO and advertising campaigns. With it, your business can immediately conduct research and analysis, track search engines, and collaborate with other team members.

Moreover, this platform helps you improve both organic and paid traffic to your website and increase your ability to retain your old customers. 


  • Quick analysis of the website for desktop and mobile SEO issues
  • Backlink Explorer to identify potentially toxic links 
  • Rank Tracker for flexible rank tracking daily, weekly, or monthly 
  • Link manager to store, organize and find link opportunities
  • Automated crawls and marketing reports
  • Access to various data connectors, including Google Analytics


Serpstat is the all-in-one growth hacking tool for digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO teams, SMBs, and enterprises. As you perform a website audit with this tool, you will get a domain optimization score. It detects high-priority issues on your website that you can resolve immediately to clean up your website. 

Serpstat also offers API for SEO and online marketing. You can integrate it with any website to get complex express website analysis with a click. 


  • SERP crawling and historical data
  • Local search and keyword grouping
  • Traffic distribution insights on different domains
  • Full backlink data collection of the last two years
  • Tracking competitor backlink strategies
  • In-depth URL analysis and keyword distribution


Moz offers a complete suite of SEO tools that you can use for higher ranking and measurable results. It makes spotting harmful issues a breeze by digging into every corner of your website and suggesting quick fixes. This popular SEO toolset is also ideal for research, linking, website optimizations, insights, and auditing. You can also opt for a 30-day trial plan for this tool.


  • Hunts for issues that prohibit search engines from fully crawling your website
  • Immediately alerts you of new site issues for fast resolution
  • Prioritized recommendations for better page optimization
  • Customized suggestions for content creation with keywords
  • PDF reports with drag-and-drop annotations and modules 
  • Search Visibility score for a holistic picture of your rankings on different keywords


Website SEO crawlers play a crucial role in finding out the faults of your website and suggesting how you can improve them. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, these toolkits are a must-have for you. Check out the best tools from this list and make your decision.

The choice of the crawler comes down to choosing the tool with features necessary for your website within the budget. Most of the above-listed offer free trials for a limited time period so that you can explore them to find their efficiency.

You may explore some best backlink tools to spice up your SEO strategy.

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